December 1986, AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial
By Mary Jeanette Mannino, CRNA, JD
The AANA Code of Ethics
Print version: 1986;54(6):473-475.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
CRNA direct-reimbursement bill enacted
Print version: 1986;54(6):476-479.
Anesthetic Implications of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS): Part II
By Deborah I. Scullon, CRNA, BSN
Nurse anesthetists are a vital link in the promotion of health care safety because of their potential occupational exposure to the virus that causes AIDS. Part II of this article offers recommended anesthesia safety precautions.
Print version: 1986;54(6):480-485.
The effects of a warming vest and cap during lower extremity orthopedic surgical procedures under general anesthesia 
By Thomas J. Radel, CRNA, MS
Michael D. Fallacaro, CRNA, MS
Timothy Sievenpiper, MD
This research evaluates the effectiveness of a passive heat protection technique and newly developed vest and cap.
Print version: 1986;54(6):486-489.
AANA Journal Course: Quality assurance- Part V- Medical malpractice, the need for documentation/communication
By Nancy S. Gondringer, CRNA, MA
Part V of this 1986-87 Journal Course focuses on those aspects of medical malpractice which are particularly relevant to the nurse anesthetist. The practitioner is acquainted with the need to effectively communicate with the surgical patient and health care peers, as well as to adequately document on the patient's record.
Print version: 1986;54(6):490-496.
Obesity: A review Part II
By Randall Klotz, CRNA, CPT, USAF, NC
The anesthetic management of the obese patient presents a formidable challenge; in Part II of this article, the author discusses the management of the obese patient and suggested management techniques.
Print version: 1986;54(6):513-519.
On droperidol.
Print version: 1986;54(6):520.
Research in Action - From the 52nd AANA Annual Meeting
The effects of clinical education settings on student anxiety levels
By Joyce P. Holder, CRNA, MA
Print version: 1986;54(6):537.
Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Betsy L. Wolf, JD
Restrictions on CRNAs imposed by physician-controlled insurance companies
Print version: 1986;54(6):538-539.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1986;54(6):450.
Official Council Listings
Print version: 1986;54(6):455-456.
Volume 54 Index of Titles, Subjects and Authors
Print version: 1986;54(6):531-536.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1986;54(6):544.


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