December 1985, AANA Journal

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Education feature: Performance contracts in clinical evaluation
By Scot Foster, CRNA, PhD
Clarence John Biddle, CRNA, MS
The authors provide details on the process of implementing a system for the evaluation of students' clinical performance through learning contracts; in their experience this system was a comprehensive alternative to more traditional appraisal methods.
Print version: 1985;53(6):497-503.
Premedication of children with droperidol-glycopyrrolate versus meperidine- glycopyrrolate: Results of a blind study
By Robert J. Wehner, CRNA, MSN, LTC
Derl H. Gilbert, CRNA, BSN, MAJ
The authors present a study in which they compare the effects of two preanesthetic medication combinations on children.
Print version: 1985;53(6):504-507.
A case report: Reversal of narcotic-induced biliary spasm with nalbuphine hydrochloride
By Thomas A. McHugh, CRNA
This case report describes the apparent reversal of a morphine-induced biliary spasm by an intravenous dose of nalbuphine hydrochloride in a geriatric patient scheduled for carotid endarterectomy under general anesthesia.
Print version: 1985;53(6):508.
A case study: Arteriovenous malformation-pregnancy and delivery
By Daniel S. Weir, CRNA, BS, LCDR
Arthur Brown, CRNA, BSN, LT
Arteriovenous malformation is a grave but not uncommon disorder; the author discusses the anesthetic management of a pregnant patient with this disorder.
Print version: 1985;53(6):509-512.
AANA Journal Course: Clinical monitoring in anesthesia - Part V: Clinical application of monitoring oxygenation and ventilation
By Lorraine Jordan, CRNA, MS
Linda M. Huffman, CRNA, BA
In this, the fifth part of the 1985-86 Journal course on monitoring, the authors address a variety of devices for monitoring oxygenation and ventilation, discussed in the sequence in which they are found within the anesthesia machine system. Stress is placed on the anesthetist's use of the information provided by the monitors.
Print version: 1985;53(6):513-525.
By Richard G. Ouellette, CRNA, MEd
Research by CRNAs-A vital resource to be used in the advancement of anesthesia care.
Print version: 1985; 53(6):467.
Research in Action-From the 52nd AANA Annual Meeting 
The effects of the heating and humidifying of anesthetic gases on the maintenance of body temperatureBy Giovanna Lombardi-Garner, CRNA, MS
Print version: 1985;53(6):473-476.
The effect of clonidine on the reduction of tachyphylaxis
By H. Kent Breckenridge, CRNA, RRT, MS
Print version: 1985;53(6):476-479.
Letters to the editor
Something new- The endotracheal tube-stethoscope combined.
Print version: 1985;53(6):480.
Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Jesse W. Markham, Jr., JD
Bhan v. NME Hospitals, Inc.: Antitrust standing of CRNAs sustained.
Print version: 1985;53(6):526-527.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
The Administration proposes major reform.
Print version: 1985;53(6):528-530.
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Print version: 1985;53(6):466.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1985;53(6):552.
Index to Volume 53
Print version: 1985;53(6):548-551.
List of Councils
Print version: 1985;53(6):543-545.
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