December 1984, AANA Journal

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By Linda S. Burns, CRNA
Robert K. Crone, MD
Recent medical and surgical advances have greatly influenced the prognosis and enabled children with this anomaly to lead normal lives; the authors review the condition and its anesthetic considerations.
Print version: 1984;52(6):589-594.
By Louis J. Vargo, CRNA, BS
This article provides a basic approach for the use of pulmonary artery catheters to determine the causes and thus the therapy for hypotension during anesthesia.
Print version: 1984;52(6):595-598.
By Loren E. Spitzer, CRNA, MA, LCDR, USN
The author describes the technique and benefits of using a continuous infusion pump with lumbar epidural analgesia during parturition.
Print version: 1984;52(6):599-602.
Axillary artery cannulation for blood pressure monitoring
By Richard A. LeBell, CRNA, CAPT, USAFNC
This article examines the value of cannulating the axillary artery for continuous blood pressure monitoring; special emphasis is placed on utilizing this procedure during emergency situations.
Print version: 1984;52(6):603-606.
The author considers the effects of serotonin on anesthesia for patients with carcinoid tumors, focusing on ways to keep those effects from causing life-threatening complications.
Print version: 1984;52(6):607-610.
This article presents a step-by-step method on how to use the fiberoptic laryngoscope.
Print version: 1984;52(6):611-613.
The author details the history of isoflurane usage in the United States.
Print version: 1984;52(6):614-618.
By Robert J.Wehner, CRNA, MSN, LTC, USANC
The unique considerations of anesthesia for oral surgery are presented; the author explains the requisite planning required from the preoperative interview through immediate postoperative care.
Print version: 1984;52(6):619-625.
Letters to the editor
The uneventful use of atracurium for a patient with multiple sclerosis.
Print version: 1984;52(6):568.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
The results of the election.
Print version: 1984;52(6):626-628.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Betsy L. Wolf, JD
Elementary legal considerations.
Print version: 1984;52(6):629-631.
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Print version: 1984;52(6):566.
Print version: 1984;52(6):668.
Print version: 1984;52(6):623-636.
Print version: 1984;52(6):654-656.
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