December 1983, AANA Journal


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By L. Diane Ritter, CRNA, BS
A primer on radiation, its history and its hazards are provided.
Print version: 1983;51(6):581-589.
By Kathleen C. Koerbacher, CRNA, MA
The results of an 18-month study of radiation exposure to members of a medical center anesthesia department is presented.
Print version: 1983;51(6):590-593.
By Reid Jolin, CRNA
This article affords the reader an overview of neonatal physiology, along with the inherent pharmacological and anesthetic considerations.
Print version: 1983;51(6):594-604.
By Walter L. Pendergrast, CRNA, MS
Salvatore A. Ciresi, CRNA, MS
Richard L. Keenan, MD
The authors present a study comparing infrared analysis of expired gas to arterial blood gas analysis.
Print version: 1983;51(6):605-607.
Cimetidine: A useful drug for treatment of anaphylaxis
By Grayce A. Gerlock, CRNA, BSN, BA
A case report in which an anaphylactic reaction occurrence is used to illustrate the benefits of cimetidine administration and its mechanism of action.
Print version: 1983;51(6):608-610.
AANA Journal readers: Keeping informed and current in their profession.
Print version: 1983;51(6):555.
Letters to the Editor
On ventilator malfunction.
Print version: 1983;51(6):557.
By Bonnie Hoover Pawuk, CRNA, BSN
Mary V. DePaolis, CRNA, MEd
Cerebral vascular disease is increasingly prevalent in our society today. This article focuses on the disease process, surgical treatment and anesthetic management of patients requiring carotid endarterectomy.
Print version: 1983;51(6):641-650.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
AANA Washington Consultant
More about Congress and the Prospective Payment Amendments.
Print version: 1983;51(6):558-561.
By Matthew J. Kiefer, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
The law and specialty health care practitioners.
Print version: 1983;51(6):562-564.
Print version: 1983;51(6):550.
Print version: 1983;51(6):660.
Print version: 1983;51(6):651-655.
List of Councils
Print version: 1983;51(6):611-612.
Volume 51 , Number 6
ISSN 0094-6354
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