December 1981, AANA Journal

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Extracorporeal circulation: Practical considerations for the anesthetist
By H. Lynn Thomas, CRNA, BS
A comprehensive look at the basic principles and practical considerations involved in cardiopulmonary bypass, encompassing not only the procedure itself, but effects on the blood elements, oxygen transport, and tissue perfusion.
Print version: 1981;49(6):565-576.
Inhalation versus balanced anesthesia in pediatric patients
By Shirley Stanley, CRNA, BS
Dana Lenning, CRNA
A comparison of randomly selected patients undergoing inguinal herniorrhaphy utilizing two different anesthetic techniques.
Print version: 1981;49(6):577-579.
Management of a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta: A case study
By Ava R. McCarthy Sauer, CRNA
Thomas H. Joyce III, MD
The authors review the special considerations required in the anesthetic management of patients with this rare disorder.
Print version: 1981;49(6):580-581.
A new technique: Nitroglycerin to induce hypotension for Harrington rod procedure
By Gary S. Perotti, CRNA
A description of a technique that offers the benefits of sodium nitroprusside without the complication of cyanide toxicity for Harrington rod procedures.
Print version: 1981;49(6):582-584.
Education feature: An overview of inservice education
By Beverly Ann Venneau, CRNA, BSA
The four basic components of inservice education-utility or need, content, presentation, and evaluation-are discussed.
Print version: 1981;49(6):585-588.
The AANA Journal is you-reader and contributor
Print version: 1981;49(6):553.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
Congress considers health care competition legislation
Print version: 1981;49(6):589-591.

Legal Briefs
By Julie N. Manson, MD
AANA Legal Counsel
Informed consent: How much disclosure is enough?
Print version: 1981;49(6):592-593.
AANA Journal Course: Preoperative evaluation and physical assessment of the
patient. Part 5-The Liver
By Barry Powell, CRNA, MN
The fifth of the AANA Journal's 6-part course. Here, the author reviews the liver's involvement in metabolism, biotransformation, detoxification, production, formation, storage, secretion, and excretion; the use and interpretation of selected liver function tests; and the development of an anesthesia care plan.
Print version: 1981;49(6):613-623.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1981;49(6):577.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1981;49(6):550.
List of Councils
Print version: 1981;49(6):626-628.
List of Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs/Schools -1981
Print version: 1981;49(6):629-639.
Index to Volume 49
Print version: 1981;49(6):640-643.
Index to Advertisers
Print version: 1981;49(6):644.


Volume 49 , Number 6
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