December 1980, AANA Journal

Table of Contents

By Frank J. Tornetta, MD, PhD
Steven Song, MD
Anna Maria D. Smoyer, CRNA, BA
A series of studies on this new intravenous nonbarbiturate hypnotic for induction anesthesia are presented.
Print version: 1980;48(6):517-525.
By Steven J. Dickerson, RN, BSN
A timely discussion of cannabis (marijuana) and its potential interaction with anesthetic agents.
Print version: 1980;48(6):526-528.
By Sarah A. Halliburton, CRNA, PhD, LTC, ANC
The results of a research study providing empirical evidence to support rational curriculum decisions.
Print version: 1980;48(6):529-534.
By Randall L. Carter, CRNA
An overview of the function and dysfunction of platelets and their relationship to anesthesia.
Print version: 1980;48(6):535-539.
By Joan A. Eichelberger, CRNA, MA
Kongseh Lim, MD
Case examples serve to illustrate the effectiveness of intravenous regional block anesthesia.
Print version: 1980;48(6):540-542.
By Salvatore A. Ciresi, CRNA, BSN, CAPT, ANC
A look at the pathophysiology of non-instrumental esophageal perforation and the anesthetic management of esophageal surgery.
Print version: 1980;48(6):543-546.
The first 50 years: The AANA marks a most significant event in 1981
Print version: 1980;48(6):495.
Print version: 1980;48(6):499.
Legal Briefs
By William R. Kucera, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
A defining of terms: Collaboration vs. supervision
Print version: 1980;48(6):547-548.
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
The latest health legislation news from Capitol Hill.
Print version: 1980;48(6):565-567.
Print version: 1980;48(6):568-569.
Print version: 1980;48(6):494.
Print version: 1980;48(6):588.
Print version: 1980;48(6):585-587.
List of Councils
Print version: 1980;48(6):570-572.
Volume 48 , Number 6
ISSN 0094-6354
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