August 2006 AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial
Albert Ryder, the inchworm, and the ongoing evolution of the AANA Journal
Chuck Biddle CRNA, PhD
Key words: AANA Journal, AANA website, Editorial Manager, online manuscript submission and tracking system
Print version: 2006;74:257-258.

Imagining in Time
The life and trial of Dagmar Nelson – Part 2

Ronald L. Van Nest, CRNA, MA
Key words: Chalmers-Francis v Nelson court case, Dagmar Nelson, legality of nurse anesthesia practice.
Print version: 2006; 74:261-265.

Education News
Using evidence-based practice in nurse anesthesia programs

CAPT Joseph E. Pellegrini, CRNA, DNSc, DNP, NC, USN
Key words: Education nursing/medical, evidenced-based practice, nurse anesthesia curriculum, research-based practice, residency education.
Print version: 2006;74:269-273.

Books and Multimedia of Interest
Advancing the Art and Science of Anesthesia for 75 years: A Pictorial History of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Reviewer: Timothy "Rick” Hoffman, CRNA, BSN, BA

Critical Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital
Reviewer: Roseann Cannon, CRNA, MHS
Print version: 2006;74:276.

Answers to the AANA Journal Course No. 25 Examination
Print version
: 2006;74:317-321.


Airway management: A patient with Madelung disease
MAJ Jeffrey P. Conroy, CRNA, MSN, AN, USA
In this case report, the author describes a 51-year-old man who underwent liposuction to the anterior neck and resection of adipose tissue of the posterior neck. The patient was diagnosed with multiple symmetric lipomatosis, better known as Madelung disease.
Key words: Fiberoptic, lipomatosis, Madelung disease.
Print version: 2006;74:281-284. 

Supply, demand, and equilibrium in the market for CRNAs
Elizabeth Merwin, RN, PhD, FAAN
Steven Stern, PhD
Lorraine M. Jordan, CRNA, PhD
This study determined the current trends in supply, demand, and equilibrium in the market for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). It also forecasts future needs for CRNAs given different possible scenarios. The impact of the current availability of CRNAs, projected retirements, and changes in the demand for surgeries are considered in relation to CRNAs needed for the future.
Key words: Anesthesia manpower, CRNA, demand, nursing workforce, supply.
Print version: 2006;74:287-293.

Aspirated bezoar in a pediatric patient: A case report
Lynn Macksey, CRNA, MSN
Gastric bezoars are persistent, ingested materials that accumulate within the gastrointestinal tract. This case report describes an 11-year-old boy with a known esophageal bezoar admitted to surgery for esophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy and possible removal of the bezoar.
Key words: Aspiration, bezoar, chronic rumination, microgastria, pediatric.
Print version: 2006;74:295-298.

Labor epidural anesthetics comparing loss of resistance with air versus saline: Does the choice matter?
CAPT David Norman, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN
Chris Winkelman, RN, PhD, CNP, CCRN
LCDR Edward Hanrahan, CRNA, MSN, NC USN(ret)
CDR Ray Hood, CRNA, MSN, NC, USN(ret)
CDR Ben Nance, MD, MC, USN
This experimental, prospective study examined whether air or saline, used for the loss-of-resistance (LOR) technique, resulted in a difference in pain relief or adverse events for laboring parturients. No significant differences were found between groups for onset or quality of analgesia. There was a significant increase in the number of subjects who experienced segmental blocks after receiving air during the LOR technique.
Key words: Air, analgesia, epidural, loss of resistance, saline.
Print version: 2006;74:301-308.

AANA Journal Course 3
Update for nurse anesthetists
Aortic stenosis: A review

David Phillips, CRNA, MSN
The prevalence of aortic stenosis has been increasing in recent decades, and nurse anesthetists are more likely to encounter this problem as the population ages. Fortunately, the widespread use of echocardiography has expanded our understanding of valvular heart disease. The purpose of this course is to evaluate the current literature regarding aortic stenosis with a focus on anesthetic management.
Key words: Anesthesia, anesthetic management, aortic stenosis, noncardiac surgery, risk.
Print version: 2006;74:309-315.

August 2006 AANA Journal
Volume 74 , Number 4
ISSN 0094-6354
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A breathtaking view of downtown Cleveland, the AANA’s destination for the Annual Meeting, August 5-9, 2006. This year, not only will attendees benefit from quality educational programs, the exhibit hall, social activities, and exploring the unique city of Cleveland, they will be participating in an historic meeting celebrating AANA’s 75th Anniversary. (Photo courtesy of Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland.)