August 1990, AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial  
By George P. Haag, CRNA, PhD
Are you prepared for a malignant hyperpyrexia crisis?
Print version: 1990;58(4):250-251.
Print version: 1990;58(4):252.
Legal Briefs  
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Dianna R. Stallone, JD
Mitchell H. Tobin, JD
Federal drug laws and CRNAs
Print version: 1990;58(4):253-254.
Washington Scene  
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Medicare and nurse anesthesia education
Print version: 1990;58(4):255-258.
Clinical Exchange  
By Jerry LeClair, CRNA, BA
Stan Gartner, CRNA, BA
Gary Halma, MD
Endotracheal tube cuff ignited by electrocautery during tracheostomy.
Print version: 1990;58(4):259-261.
Practical Technicalities  
By Linda M. Huffman, CRNA, BA
Monitoring airway pressure: A new standard
Print version: 1990;58(4):262-264.
A comparison of the hemodynamic effects of labetalol and sodium nitroprusside in patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy  
By Maj. Daniel J. Geniton, CRNA, MSN, USA, AN
In this original research paper, the hemodynamic effects of labetalol and sodium nitroprusside are compared in 19 subjects who became hypertensive at the conclusion of elective carotid endarterectomy.
Print version: 1990;58(4):281-287.
Historical perspectives on anesthetic-related cardiac arrest  
By Steven J. Somerson, CRNA, BS
Significant lethality still occurs from anesthetic-induced cardiac arrest, despite technological advances; immediate recognition of the problem and coordinated intervention assures a successful outcome.
Print version: 1990;58(4):288-295.
A Case Report: The use of combination cervical plexus block and general anesthesia for radical neck dissection in a patient with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  
By Gary A. Wehner, CRNA, MS
Robert Quarmby, MD
This case report demonstrates the use of cervical plexus blocks in combination with light levels of general anesthesia for radical neck dissection in a patient with severe COPD.
Print version: 1990;58(4):309-312.
AANA Journal Course: New technologies in anesthesia: Update for nurse anesthetists–Lasers
By George G. DeVane, CRNA, MHS
In this chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author discusses the principles of laser technology, safety for patients and personnel and precautions in anesthetic management.
Print version: 1990;58(4):313-319.
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Print version: 1990;58(4):252.
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Print version: 1990;58(4):312.


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