August 1988, AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial
By William J. MacLeod, PhD, LHD
Quality and outcomes in education and accreditation
Print version: 1988;56(4):295-298.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Professional corporations
Print version: 1988;56(4):299-301.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Congress and health care in 1988
Print version: 1988;56(4):302-304.
By Lorraine Jordan, CRNA, MS
Sandra Maree, CRNA, MEd
Introducing a new column–Challenges facing the education of nurse anesthetists
Print version: 1988;56(4):305-307.
Treatment of acidosis and alkalosis
Print version: 1988;56(4):308.
By William J. Mathia, CRNA, MS, USA, AN
Shirley K. Bell, RN, EdD
W. David Leak, MD
The authors report on their experience with the use of preoperative metoclopramide and droperidol regarding postoperative nausea and vomiting in 52 ambulatory surgical patients.
Print version: 1988;56(4):325-333.
By Naomi Wellman Streedbeck, CRNA, MS
The current trend, to continue beta-blockers up to and during anesthesia if necessary, is reinforced by this review of the literature.
Print version: 1988;56(4):334-337.
By Dan Moore, CRNA, MS
Pediatric outpatient adenotonsillectomies require an anesthetic technique that allows a rapid recovery with few postanesthetic side effects; in this experimental study, the author investigates the postanesthetic recovery of 50 patients.
Print version: 1988;56(4):338-343.
AANA Journal Course: Advanced scientific concepts: Update for nurse anesthetists–Part IX–Cardiac pharmacology: Calcium antagonists
By John J. Nagelhout, CRNA, PhD
In this the ninth chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author reviews the evolution and current status of this valuable class of drugs, encompassing a comparison to the most common cardiac drugs, the beta receptor blocking agents. Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic considerations will be noted, along with beneficial intraoperative indications and special precautions.
Print version: 1988;56(4):367-374.
Print version: 1988;56(4):375-379.
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Print version: 1988;56(4):294.
Print version: 1988;56(4):380.
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