August 1987, AANA Journal

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Readers respond to 1987 Inter-Ad Survey: Journal content gets high marks
Print version: 1987;55(4):304.
More on determining the ratio of oxygen to air mixture
Print version: 1987;55(4):311.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Standard of care
Print version: 1987;55(4):312-314.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Congress considers 1987 Medicare amendments
Print version: 1987;55(4):315-316.
By Elizabeth B. Binnings, CRNA, MSNA
This study indicates that providing auditory distraction for patients experiencing regional anesthesia is a means of decreasing state anxiety and sedation needs.
Print version: 1987;55(4):333-335.
By Mary Katherine Moyer, CRNA, CCRN, MS
This study examines the issue of which patients might benefit most from pulmonary artery catheterization.
Print version: 1987;55(4):336-340.
By Nancy J. Gaskey, CRNA, PhD
This study looks at the impact a preoperative anesthesia videotape has on patients' anxiety levels.
Print version: 1987;55(4):341-345.
By Mark S. Holland, CRNA, MHS
Paul J. Mathews, Jr., RRT, MPA
In this the third of an update Journal Course, the authors review clinically pertinent aspects of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system. This includes areas of pathophysiology that are relevant to the management of general anesthesia. Principles of pulmonary function testing also are explained and related to specific respiratory disease processes.
Print version: 1987;55(4):346-359.
Print version: 1987;55(4):360-364.
By Judy A. Lohrer, CRNA
This article features an overview of intrathecal and epidural narcotics, including technique, dosages, indicates, and contraindications.
Print version: 1987;55(4):381-387.
By Betsy A. Sabo, CRNA, BS
Malcolm D. Orr, MD, PhD
Lois L. Bready, MD
The authors report on the anesthetic agents used and the surgical outcome in a series of patients undergoing a new fertility technique.
Print version: 1987;55(4):388-391.
Print version: 1987;55(4):302.
Print version: 1987;55(4):396.
Volume 55 , Number 4
ISSN 0094-6354
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