August 1985, AANA Journal

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Comparison of benzquinamide hydrochloride and droperidol in preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting following general outpatient anesthesia
By Nancy E. Wheaton, CRNA, BSN
This study compares the antiemetic effects of benzquinamide and droperidol in 60 out patients undergoing laparoscopic examinations under general anesthesia.
Print version: 1985;53(4):322-326.
Do preoperative medications reduce emotional stress as measured by plasma catecholamine levels?
By Mattilou Catchpole, CRNA, PhD
The author examines quantitative measurements of patient stress to determine the effectiveness of routine preoperative medication.
Print version: 1985;53(4):327-331.
Fetal toxicity of local anesthetics
By A. Scott Wheeler, MD
This article reviews mechanisms by which local anesthetics may compromise the fetus during conduction analgesia in obstetrics.
Print version: 1985;53(4):332-337.
The nondiabetic's blood glucose tolerance to the stress of surgery
By Debra Schwaninger Topp, CRNA, BS
This study determines what changes occur in the blood glucose values of the nondiabetic when faced with the stress of surgery, intravenous fluids, anesthesia and recovery.
Print version: 1985;53(4):338-341.
AANA Journal Course: Clinical monitoring in anesthesia-Part III: Clinical monitoring of brain dynamics
By Joan Eichelberger, CRNA, MA
In this, the third part of the 1985-86 Journal course on monitoring, the author reviews various mechanisms used in anesthesia to monitor brain dynamics.
Print version: 1985;53(4):342-352.
Letters to the editor
The discontinuation of life support at the conclusion of an organ harvest; bradycardia
Print version: 1985;53(4):293,321.
Answers to the AANA Journal Course No. 4 Examination
Print version: 1985;53(4):369-373.
Legal Briefs
By Robert F. Sylvia, JD
Malpractice: The gathering storm - Part II
Print version: 1985;53(4):374-376.
Washington scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Medicare changes for 1985: Medicare and ambulatory surgery
Print version: 1985;53(4):378-380.
General and subscription Information
Print version: 1985;53(4):290.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1985;53(4):384.
Volume 53 , Number 4
ISSN 0094-6354
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