August 1984, AANA Journal

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By Patricia J. Olinder, CRNA, BS
R. Brian Smith, MD
John Weaver, CRNA, BS
Malcolm D. Orr, MD
This article focuses on the results of a study of the effect of isoflurane on intraocular pressure in 30 adult patients.
Print version: 1984;52(4):373-377.
By Cecil B. Drain, CRNA, MS
This article is based on a study by the author determining whether lung volumes can be increased more through the verbal encouragement of a sustained maximal inspiration or of a deep breathing maneuver.
Print version: 1984;52(4):379-388.
Perioperative hemodynamic monitoring in high risk surgical patients
By Joseph C. Avellone, MD
Johnny A. Brawner, MD
The authors describe the results of their study of 39 high risk surgical patients in which perioperative hemodynamic monitoring was conducted.
Print version: 1984;52(4):389-400.
By David D. Rose, CRNA, MA
This article affords a review of the pharmacodynamics of anticholinergics and a survey of the literature regarding their preoperative medication usage.
Print version: 1984;52(4):401-404.
By Jeff Mathias, CRNA
The author delineates the present status of anesthesia in developing countries; pertinent data regarding workforce, agents and equipment used, and special problems enhanced by individual cultures are enumerated.
Print version: 1984;52(4):405-412.
A nutritional primer for anesthetists
By Clarence J. Biddle, CRNA, MS
This article explores those aspects of nutrition of particular relevance to the clinical anesthetist.
Print version: 1984;52(4):429-435.
AANA Journal Course: The anesthetic management of the patient-A case approach. Part III-Anesthesia management of the morbidly obese patient.
By Doris A. Stoll, CRNA, MSEd
Lorelei E. Stein, CRNA, MEd
Recent developments in surgical techniques for the treatment of morbid obesity have renewed the interest of the surgical care team in the role of nutrition. The authors review the types of surgical techniques used to treat morbid obesity, discuss the pathophysiological implications to the perioperative course and examine the anesthetic agents and techniques that may be used.
Print version: 1984;52(4):436-444.
Print version: 1984;52(4):445-449.
Letters to the editor
Ophthalmoscope usage
Print version: 1984;52(4):454.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Congress passes the Nurse Anesthetist "Pass-Through" Amendment.
Print version: 1984;52(4):456-460.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Jefferson Parish Hospital v. Hyde - The last chapter.
Print version: 1984;52(4):462-463.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1984;52(4):342.
Print version: 1984;52(4):476.


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