August 1982, AANA Journal

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Anesthesia and the neurosurgical patient: Part III-Acute spinal cord injury
By Mary Kay Davis, CRNA, BS
In Part III of a series on neuroanesthesia, the author explores the anesthetic considerations for acute spinal cord injuries.
Print version: 1982;50(4):358-362.
A review of succinylcholine-induced apnea
By Kenneth S. Anderson, RNA, BS
Janmes D. Kenidall, RPh., BS
Succinylcholine-induced apnea, often caused by inherited deficiencies of serum cholinesterase, is reviewed from a practical and clinical standpoint.
Print version: 1982;50(4):362-368.
The obese patient: An acceptable candidate for outpatient anesthesia
By Sandra Jensen, CRNA, BA
Bernard V. Wetchler, MD
The authors, based on a study of more than 2,000 patients, report their findings that obesity is not a contraindication to outpatient surgery.
Print version: 1982;50(4):369-371.
The anesthetic management of uncomplicated labor and delivery using the segmental technique of continuous lumbar epidural analgesia
By Thomas F. Moquin, ;RNA, BS
The safety, advantages, disadvantages and anesthetic agents used in this technique are discussed.
Print version: 1982;50(4):372-375.
A case study: Postoperative spinal anesthesia following intraoperative intercostal nerve blocks
By Ronnie L. Lomsdal, BSN
Ronald I. Beare,, CRA, BS
Kentao Tsueda, MD
John E. Leigh, MD
This report (describes high spinal anesthesia and the changes in circulatory variables that occurred in a thoracotomy patient following an intraoperative intercostal nerve block;.
Print version: 1982;50(4):376-377.
Twin transfusion syndrome: A case report
By David A. Betts, BS, BSN
The pathophysiology and management of this pediatric crisis is illustrated in this case report.
Print version: 1982;50(4):378-381.
Nursing professionals join forces to seek representation on JCAH
Print version: 1982;50(4):329.
Legal Briefs
By Julie N. Manson, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
Nursing and medical students-Admission policies of their schools
Print version: 1982;50(4):409-411.
Washington Scene
By Richard F. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
The federal budget's impact on health
Print version: 1982;50(4):412-416.
AANA Journal Course: The anesthetic management of the patient. Part III-The
intraoperative management of the patient with diabetes mellitus

By Sandra M. Maree, CRNA, BS
The third of the AANA Journal's 1982-83 six-part course. It is estimated that one out of two diabetic patients will require surgery at some point in his lifetime, making it imperative for the anesthetist to understand this disease process as well as the inherent anesthetic problems. This article reviews the physiology of the pancreas, the pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus, and areas of importance in the intraoperative management of these patients.
Print version: 1982;50(4):382-392.
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Print version: 1982;50(4):357.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1982;50(4):411.
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Print version: 1982;50(4):326.
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Print version: 1982;50(4):424.

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