August 1980, AANA Journal

Table of Contents

Implications of anesthesia for the asthmatic patient
By Salvatore LoPalo, Lt. Col., BSN, MS, CRNA
A discussion of the anesthetic management of the asthmatic patient, focusing on possible complications and methods of treatment.
Print version: 1980;48(4):526-533.
A review of skeletal muscle contraction and neuromuscular function
By Hershal W. Bradshaw, MEd, CRNA
Cecil B. Drain, Maj, BSN, CRNA, and
Marie H. Dutton, Cpt, RN, BS
The anatomy and physiology of the neuromuscular system are reviewed, stressing the effects of the major skeletal muscle relaxants.
Print version: 1980;48(4):334-343.
Anesthesia for acute epiglottitis in the pediatric patient
By Ellen Monaghan, Cdr., CRNA, and
James Mayhew, Cdr., MD
A review of acute epiglottitis and accepted methods of anesthetic management are presented.
Print version: 1980;48(4):344-346.
The facts about record retention
By Virginia A. Gaffey, CRNA, BS
A guide for establishing a systematic records retention program for nurse anesthesia programs is offered.
Print version: 1980;48(4):347-352.
Coronary artery disease: Anesthetic considerations
By David V. Shaver, Jr., CRNA, BSN, BS
The effects of anesthesia on coronary circulation and coronary artery disease are discussed.
Print version: 1980;48(4):353-358.
The AANA Annual Meeting: Education and participation
Print version: 1980;48(4):305.
News & Views
Print version: 1980;48(4):325.
Letters to the Editor
"Anesthesia Advancement Through Knowledge" marks the theme of the
Print version: 1980;48(4):300-301.
Insurance Report
By Janessa L. Althouse, BSN, MA
AANA Loss Control Specialist
RX: Loss Control-Anesthesia care in short procedures.
Print version: 1980;48(4):382-383,386.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
More news from Capitol Hill
Print version: 1980;48(4):387,390.
Legal Briefs
By William R. Kucera, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
Judging the nurse: A standard which one?
Print version: 1980;48(4):392-394.
Print version: 1980;48(4):359.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1980;48(4):325.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1980;48(4):296.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1980;48(4):396.

Volume 48 , Number 4
ISSN 0094-6354
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