April 1993 AANA Journal

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When all else fails: Read the directions
Print version: 1993;61(2):106,108.

Book Reviews
Anesthesia and Perioperative Complications
Reviewer: Kenneth Kirsner, CRNA, MSN, JD

Case Presentations in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
Reviewer: Michael J. Kremer, CRNA, MSN
Print version: 1993;61(2):108-110.

Practice Issues
By Lynne M. Van Wormer, CRNA, BS
The upsurge of tuberculosis and its implication for anesthesia practice
Print version: 1993;61(2):113-115.
Keywords: Airborne infection, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, mycobacterium tuberculosis, nosocomial transmission.

Practice Issues
By Leon G. Helton, CRNA
Viral hepatitis
Print version: 1993;61(2):116-117.
Keywords: Healthcare worker, hepatitis, hepatitis transmission, infection control.

Legal Briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Privileged communications
Print version: 1993;61(2):118-120.
Keywords: Peer review committees, privileged communication, surgeon's liability.

Washington Scene
By Kathleen A. Michels, RN, JD, FAAN
Patty Hayes, RN, MN
Nurse Education Act funding for nurse anesthesia programs
Print version: 1993;61(2):129-132.
Keywords: Appropriation, Nurse Education Act, reauthorization.

Takayasu's arteritis: A case study
By Michael W. Winiecki, CRNA, BSN
This case report illustrates one of the many ways that Takayasu's arteritis can present and discusses the anesthetic considerations
Print version: 1993;61(2):133-136.
Keywords: Arteritis, laparoscopy, Takayasu's arteritis, vascular.

Adult caudal anesthesia: A reexamination of the technique
By Steven J. Zito, CRNA, BS, USAF, NC
This article is intended to inform anesthetists that caudal anesthesia in adults can be done safely and successfully if the practitioner is willing to learn the anatomy and the technique of this seldom-used regional block.
Print version: 1993;61(2):153-157.
Keywords: Caudal anesthesia, regional anesthesia.

Development of a reliable nurse anesthesia clinical instructor evaluation instrument
By George P. Haag, CRNA, PhD
Nancy B. Schoeps, PhD
Evaluation of the efficacy of clinical instruction by nurse anesthesia students is an integral requirement, according to the Standards and Guidelines of the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Programs. While numerous clinical faculty evaluation instruments exist, most are not standardized. The purpose of this research was to develop and test a standardized instrument for clinical nurse anesthesia faculty evaluation.
Print version: 1993;61(2):158-164.
Keywords: Clinical, critical instrument technique, evaluation, instructor, instrument.

Anesthetic considerations with anorexia nervosa
By Ross Cerami, RN BSN
This article focuses on the pathophysiology of anorexia nervosa, discusses a thorough preanesthetic assessment, and guides the appropriate anesthetic management of the anorexic patient.
Print version: 1993;61(2):165-169.
Keywords: Anorexia bulemia, anorexia nervosa.

AANA Journal Course: Update for nurse anesthetists- Advances in ventilating the patient with severe lung disease
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, PhD
In this first chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author discusses mechanical ventilation strategies in terms of both their theoretical and clinical utility. Classification of ventilatory approaches based on the rate of breathing is provided as is the treatment of the issue of cardiovascular effects of positive end-expiratory pressure. Conditions which increase ventilatory demand mechanically ventilated patients are also reviewed.
Print version: 1993;61(2):170-175.
Keywords: Mechanical ventilation, partial ventilatory support, pressure support ventilation.

Anesthesia and Bartter's syndrome: A case report and review
By Joseph R. Brimacombe, MB, ChB, FCAnaes
Desmond P. Breen, BS, BM, FCAnaes
The authors of this case report describe a patient with Bartter's syndrome that is undergoing general anesthesia for cesarean section. A review of the anesthetic problems of this rare and complicated disease is also included.
Print version: 1993;61(2):193-197.
Keywords: Anesthesia, Bartter's syndrome, hypokalemia, obstetrics.

General and Subscription Information
Print version: 1993;61(2):106.

AANA Journal Course No. 12 Examination
Print version: 1993;61(2):198-205.

Index to Advertisers
Print version: 1993;61(2):208.

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