April 1992, AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial  
By David B. Stasiak, CRNA, MEd, MSN
Brent Sommer, CRNA, MPHA
A call to power: Transforming attitudes into actions
Print version: 1992;60(2):107-108.
Keywords: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), attitudes, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
Guest Editorial  
By Terrie E. Kole, CRNA, BA
Reduce, reuse and recycle in the anesthesia workplace
Print version: 1992;60(2):109-112.
Keywords: Incineration, infectious waste, medical waste, scavenging systems, waste anesthetic gases.
Legal Briefs  
By Mitchell H. Tobin, JD
Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
New Jersey's hospital anesthesia standards
Print version: 1992;60(2):113-115.
Keywords: Standards, state regulation, supervision.
Washington Scene  
By Sue Ellen Hopkinson, RN, MPP
Gayle Lee Ulshafer, CRNA, MSN
AHCPR releases clinical practice guideline on pain management
Print version: 1992;60(2):117-120.
Keywords: Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, pain assessment, pain management guideline.
Practice Issues  
By Peter W. Ogren, CRNA, MS
Postanesthesia care standards, obstetrical anesthesia/analgesia guidelines, and end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring
Print version: 1992;60(2):129-131.
Keywords: End-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring, obstetrical anesthesia/analgesia guidelines, postanesthesia care standards, practice guidelines, practice standards.
Patient Monitoring Standards 
Print version: 1992;60(2):137-138.
Carbon dioxide embolism during laparoscopy: A case report  
By Christine Duncan, CRNA, MS
In this case study, the author describes a complication resulting from the use of CO2 gas during a laparoscopic procedure.
Print version: 1992;60(2):139-144.
Keywords: Capnography, carbon dioxide embolism, laparoscopy, pneumoperitoneum.
AANA Journal Course: Update for nurse anesthetists– Managing human
immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome during anesthesia care
By Brent Sommer, CRNA, MPHA
In this first chapter of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author presents a current overview of human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and focuses on considerations for providing quality anesthesia care while preventing disease transmission.
Print version: 1992;60(2):153-160.
Keywords: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, (AIDS), antiretroviral agents, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), opportunistic infection, retrovirus.
Attitudes of certified registered nurse anesthetists toward AIDS and AIDS patients  
By Karen S. Kacir, CRNA, MSN
This study examines and identifies the nature of CRNAs' attitudes concerning acquired immune deficiency syndrome and patients with homosexual lifestyles.
Print version: 1992;60(2):169-173.
Keywords: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), attitudes, certified registered nurse anesthetists.
The effect of pH-adjusted 2-chloroprocaine on the duration and quality of pain relief with a subsequent continuous epidural bupivacaine infusion 
By Donna M. Landriscina, CRNAP, MSNA
In this original research, a randomized, double-blind true experimental design was chosen to determine if the addition of sodium bicarbonate to 2-chloroprocaine would result in a longer duration of epidural analgesia, as well as increase the quality of pain relief in those receiving a continuous bupivacaine epidural infusion.
Print version: 1992;60(2):174-180.
Keywords: Bupivacaine infusion, duration, pH-adjusted, quality of pain relief, 2-chloroprocaine.
Monographs from the Report of the National Commission on Nurse Anesthesia Education
Charleston Area Medical Center scholarship/loan program for nurse anesthesia students  
Nancy L. Tierney, CRNA, MS
Print version: 1992;60(2):180-183.
The need for alternative educational pathways in nurse anesthesia education 
Lynn L. Lebeck, CRNA, RNC, BSN
Print version: 1992;60(2):183-184.
General and Subscription Information 
Print version: 1992;60(2):106.
AANA Journal Course No. 11 Examination
Print version: 1992;60(2):201-207.
Index to Advertisers 
Print version: 1992;60(2):208.
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