April 1990, AANA Journal

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Guest Editorial  
By Clayton Petty, MD
Patricia W. Newman, CRNA, BA
The most important room in the hospital
Print version: 1990;58(2):74-75.
Education News  
By Cathy A. Mastropietro, CRNA, MEd
Accreditation: A site reviewer's perspective
Print version: 1990;58(2):76-77.
Legal Briefs  
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Herrington v. Hiller: A nightmare for those who restrict CRNA practice
Print version: 1990;58(2):78-79.
Washington Scene  
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Trauma care legislation
Print version: 1990;58(2):80-82.
Anesthetic recovery after ambulatory laparoscopy: A comparison of isoflurane and alfentanil infusion  
By Karyn B. Karp, CRNA, MSN
In this study, the author investigated general anesthetic recovery of ambulatory laparoscopy patients receiving two rapid-acting, though disparate, anesthetic techniques.
Print version: 1990;58(2):83-88.
The ankle block: Anatomical review and anesthetic technique  
By Steven R. Wooden, CRNA, BSN, BS Anes.
Philip B. Sextro, DPM
The authors explain the technique of performing the ankle block, a safe and effective means of providing sensory anesthesia to the foot.
Print version: 1990;58(2):105-111.
AANA Journal Course: New technologies in anesthesia: Update for nurse
anesthetists – Mass spectrometry in anesthesia
By Terry R. Schreiber, CRNA, BSN
In this the first chapter of this series of the AANA Journal Update Course, the author reviews the basic principle of operation of the mass spectrometer. The cost of implementation of mass spectrometry, clinical applications and potential pitfalls associated with its use are also covered.
Print version: 1990;58(2):112-118.
Practical Technicalities  
By Linda M. Huffman, CRNA, BA
Calibrated vaporizers: Maintaining clinical performance
Print version: 1990;58(2):119-120.
AANA Journal Course No. 9 Examination
Print version: 1990;58(2):137-143.
A decade of research in nurse anesthesia  
By Roma Lee Taunton, RN, PhD
Sharon Oetker-Black, RN, PhD
Cynthia Q. Woods, RN, PhD
These investigators describe the characteristics of nurse anesthesia research reported in the AANA Journal in 1975-76 and 1985-86, comparing nurse anesthesia research to overall nursing research.
Print version: 1990;58(2):144-147.
Undiagnosed intra-operative intra-abdominal hemorrhage during an abdominoplasty: A case study  
By Lt. Comdr. Rebecca E. Makdad, CRNA, BS, USN, NC
A case study is presented of a 40-year-old female patient undergoing elective abdominoplasty with the administration of general endotracheal anesthesia. The case was complicated by an intra-abdominal hemorrhage.
Print version: 1990;58(2):148-151.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1990;58(2):77.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1990;58(2):152.


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