April 1989, AANA Journal


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Legal Briefs     
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
Surgeon's liability for negligence of CRNAs: A recent case
Print version: 1989;57(2):91-92.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Congress begins work
Print version: 1989;57(2):94-95.
Education News
By Denise Martin-Sheridan, CRNA, MS
Trends in higher education: Preparing nurse anesthesia education for the future
Print version: 1989;57(2):96-100.
Letters to the Editor     
Sickle-cell trait and transfusions
Print version: 1989;57(2):101.
One-lung anesthesia       
By Mary Patricia Peck, CRNA, CCRN, BSN
The author explains the various aspects of one-lung ventilation: initiation, maintenance and cessation.
Print version: 1989;57(2):122-127.
Effectiveness of atracurium in preventing succinylcholine myalgia
By Alexander T. Marr, CRNA
Mitchel Sosis, MD, PhD
In this original research paper, a comparison is made between the incidence of postoperative myalgia and fasciculations when atracurium or d-Tubocurarine was given prior to succinylcholine for facilitation of tracheal intubation.
Print version: 1989;57(2):128-130.
The efficacy of sighs in patients with COPD undergoing general anesthesia and controlled ventilation    
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, MS
Larry Epps, CRNA, MS
Ruth Hassanein, PhD
Fourteen patients with COPD underwent elective procedures; those who were sighed experienced both statistically and clinically significant improvement in their oxygenation efficiency.
Print version: 1989;57(2):131-136.
Pathophysiologic and anesthetic correlations of the prune-belly syndrome       
By Joyce P Holder, CRNA, MA
Though prune-belly syndrome is a rare congenital disease, its gravity demands an in-depth knowledge of related pathophysiology and anesthetic correlations in order to assure uncomplicated management.
Print version: 1989;57(2):137-141.
AANA Journal Course: New technologies in anesthesia: Update for nurse anesthetists - Part I - Monitoring depth of anesthesia using a reliable esophageal method       
By Linda M. Huffman, CRNA, BA
In this the first chapter of a new AANA Journal Update Course- New Technologies in Anesthesia - the author details a monitoring system that measures lower esophageal contractility (LEC). LEC was postulated to reflect the anesthetic state of the patient and correlates significantly with administered levels of intravenous and inhalation anesthetic agents, as well as patient responses to surgical stimulation.
Print version: 1989;57(2):142-152.
Tetralogy of Fallot 
By Leigh A. Byrd, CRNA
Nancy Bruton-Maree, CRNA, MS
This paper reviews the available literature on normal fetal and transitional circulation and its importance in understanding the abnormal circulation related to tetralogy of Fallot; anesthetic techniques of choice are provided.
Print version: 1989;57(2):169-176.
AANA Journal Course No. 8-Advanced scientific concepts: Update for nurse
anesthetists- Examination
Print version: 1989;57(2):177-183.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1989;57(2):90.
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Print version: 1989;57(2):184.
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