April 1986, AANA Journal

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Ambulatory surgery: The future is now
By Bernard V. Wetchler, MD
Today, about 25% of all surgeries performed nationwide are ambulatory. The author explains the four program models employed plus the important role that anesthesia plays.
Print version: 1986;54(2):121-125.
Venous air embolism during anesthesia for maxillary sinus Irrigation
By Sheree Boyle, CRNA, BSN
Rebecca Ockerman, CRNA
Charles R. Barton, CRNA, BA
John R. McVey, MD
In addition to the case and literature review, the authors also present the means of diagnosis, the pathophysiology, and recommended treatment of venous air embolus.
Print version: 1986;54(2):126-129.
The effect of Innovar versus droperidol or fentanyl on the duration of action of succinylcholine
By Garry V. Moore, CRNA, MS
Salvatore Ciresi, CRNA, MN
Surinder Kallar, MD
This study demonstrates that droperidol and fentanyl do not potentiate succinylcholine paralysis when given individually, but do so when, combined with Innovar.
Print version: 1986;54(2):130-136.
Obstetric anesthesia for the patient with diabetes mellitus: A case study
By James M. Roach, CRNA
Utilizing a case example, the author details the anesthetic considerations necessary for the pregnant diabetic patient.
Print version: 1986;54(2):137-143.
Post-dural puncture cephalgia
By Frederick C. Hill, Jr., CRNA, LT, USN, NC
The author discusses the cause, symptoms, prevention and treatment of post-dural puncture cephalgia.
Print version: 1986;54(2):144-147.
The effects of acidosis on cardiovascular function
By Lynette A. Jeffers, CRNA
A review of the effects of acidosis on the cardiovascular system and considerations for the anesthetist dealing with acid-base imbalances.
Print version: 1986;54(2):148-150.
Letters to the editor
The liability of the surgeon revisited; more about the endotracheal tube-stethoscope
Print version: 1986;54(2):91-92.
Legal Briefs
By Betsy L. Wolf, JD
A look at the Worthy case of Georgia.Print version: 1986;54(2):93-95.

Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
Medicare amendments of 1986 and 1987.
Print version: 1986;54(2):96-98.
Research in Action  - From the 52nd AANA Annual Meeting
Self esteem in nurse anesthesia trainees: A national study.
Print version: 1986;54(2):151.
Analgesic anti-inflammatory utilization patterns In the elderly: Implications for anesthetists
By Chuck Biddle, CRNA, MS
By M. Leah Sheppard, CRNA
Does the use of d-Tubocurarine decrease coagulability in patients given low dose preoperative heparin prophylaxis?
Print version: 1986;54(2):152.
AANA Journal Course: Quality assurance - Part I: The pieces of the puzzle
By James D. Vail, CRNA, DNSc
Mary-Ellen Jacobs, CRNA, DNSc
Part I of this 1986-87 AANA Journal Course introduces the concept of quality assurance (QA) by defining the term, sketching a brief history of the QA movement, and providing an overview of the QA process. The authors provide extensive examples of standards and criteria that relate to anesthesia.
Print version: 1986;54(2):171-176.
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Print version: 1986;54(2):90.
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Print version: 1986;54(2):184.
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