April 1985, AANA Journal

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By Lynn Ralph, CRNA, BS
In this, the first of a two-part article, the author discusses the major classifications of hypertension as well as the relative incidences, etiologies and treatments for each type.
Print version: 1985;53(2):131-134.
By Elizabeth J. McCarthy, CRNA, PhD
This article describes the three types of high frequency ventilation techniques, and defines them along with the clinical indications for their use. A case study is also incorporated.
Print version: 1985;53(2):135-137.
By Douglas Pokorny, CRNA
The author provides a review of the anesthetic considerations necessary for the pediatric patient with hydrocephalus and other spinal canal anomalies.
Print version: 1985;53(2):138-141.
By Carolyn J. Snider, CRNA, BSN
In this case study, emphasis is given to placement of catheters used for the monitoring of central venous pressure.
Print version: 1985;53(2):142-145.
By Robert P. Dodd, CRNA
The author reviews the widely used reversal agent naloxone.
Print version: 1985;53(2):146-148.
By Gary D. Hahn, CRNAP, BSN
In this, the first part of the 1985-86 Journal course on monitoring, the author compares the two major methods of blood pressure measurement used in the clinical practice of anesthesia, reviews their application and limitations, and discusses problems associated with them, along with the solutions to be used.
Print version: 1985;53(2):149-161.
Attitudinal survey: How nurse anesthetists are perceived
By Nancy J. Gaskey, CRNA, PhD
Based on a survey of 181 operating room nurses, the author cites how nurse anesthetists are perceived, what factors influence these perceptions, and if there are any characteristic behavioral traits of nurse anesthetists.
Print version: 1985;53(2):163-168.
AANA Journal Course examination featured in this issue
Print version: 1985;53(2):109.
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
State regulation of health care professions
Print version: 1985;53(2):185-186.
By Richard E. Verville, JD
The budget issue is joined
Print version: 1985;53(2):187-191.
Print version: 1985;53(2):106.
Print version: 1985;53(2):168.
Print version: 1985;53(2):193-199.
Print version: 1985;53(2):200.



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ISSN 0094-6354
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