April 1984, AANA Journal

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Beta adrenergic blockers: Pharmacological and anesthetic considerations
By Sandra M. Maree, CRNA, BS
This article features a brief review of the physiology of the adrenergic nervous system and its beta receptor, followed by the pharmacodynamic properties and clinical applications of beta blockers.
Print version: 1984;52(2):145-155.
Anesthesia and the aged
By Peter Cockram, CRNA
Changes associated with the aging process, the anesthetic considerations involved and the basic perioperative care necessary are discussed.
Print version: 1984;52(2):156-163.
Assessing the hypertensive
By Alice R. Bakutis, CRNA, PhD
A review of the causes and effects of high blood pressure, along with the recommended therapy and anesthetic management of the hypertensive patient.
Print version: 1984;52(2):164-170.
Monitoring of neuromuscular function of the facial nerve: A noninvasive technique
By Garry Moore, CRNA, MS
Joe R. Williams, CRNA, MS
The authors investigate the clinical effectiveness of using facial nerve stimulation to monitor neuromuscular blockade.
Print version: 1984;52(2):171-172.
The tunneling technique: An approach to difficult intubations
By Lynn Rossini, CRNA, BSN
In this case study, the author describes how a difficult intubation was performed through the utilization of the tunneling technique.
Print version: 1984;52(2):189-191.
Successful completion of the third AANA Journal Course will yield the participant 6 CE credits
Print version: 1984;52(2):144.
Letters to the Editor
More about equipment safety checks; radiation
Print version: 1984;52(2):141-142.
Education Feature: Characteristics of clinical teachers in nurse anesthesia
By Leah E. Katz, CRNA, EdD
In this research study, the author identifies factors perceived as characteristic of the behavior of teachers in nurse anesthesia educational programs.
Print version: 1984;52(2):192-197.
AANA Journal Course: The anesthetic management of the patient-A case approach. Part I-Anesthetic considerations for the asthmatic patient.
By Salvatore LoPalo, CRNA, MS, COL, USAF, NC
The first of a six-part series of the 1984-85 AANA Journal Course. The asthmatic patient poses a special challenge to the anesthesia practitioner. A review of the symptoms, pathology and pharmacology of those medications which the asthmatic patient may be receiving and their potential interactions with anesthetic agents is presented.
Print version: 1984;52(2):198-210.
Legal briefs
By Gene A. Blumenreich, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
CRNAs and their employment situations.
Print version: 1984;52(2):212-213.
Washington scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
AANA Washington Consultant
Congress returns for 1984.
Print version: 1984;52(2):215-218.
AANA Journal Course No. 3 Examination
Print version: 1984;52(2):221-227.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1984;52(2):110.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1984;52(2):228.
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