April 1983, AANA Journal

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Perioperative control of diabetes mellitus- revisited
By Clarence J. Biddle, CRNA, MS
Susan Hernandez, RN, MSN
The authors stress the need for establishing preoperative diabetic protocols, illustrating their points with case studies.
Print version: 1983;51(2):138-141.
Marfan's syndrome
By Claudia M. Miekicki, CRNA
The clinical manifestations and complications of this unusual syndrome are discussed, along with anesthetic considerations and the syndrome's impact on pregnancy.
Print version: 1983;51(2):142-145.
Anesthetic management of the surgical patient on bleomycin sulfate
By CPT Samuel W. Kochansky, CRNA,
The author reviews the surgical hazard of postoperative respiratory failure in the patient treated with bleomycin sulfate, offering a technique to prevent such a complication.
Print version: 1983;51(2):146-149.
Anesthesia for the carcinoid syndrome
By Margaret E. Kent, CRNA
The anesthetic management of the patient with this syndrome are discussed, along with the disease's pharmacodynamics and pathophysiology.
Print version: 1983;51(2):150-153.
Immunology, kidney transplantation, and anesthesia
By Anglinita L. Grizzle, CRNA, MA
The author explores the possible causes of kidney rejection, the effects of repeated transplantation, and the anesthesia management of the anephric patient.
Print version: 1983;51(2):154-158.
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Print version: 1983;51(2):119.
Ethics and nurse anesthetists: Part II
By James F. Drane, PhD
In this the second of a two-part series, the author develops guidelines on medical ethics for specific decision-making by nurse anesthetists.
Print version: 1983;51(2):159-166.
Education feature: Evaluation of clinical performance: Part 11
By Glen C. Ramsborg, CRNA, MA
In this the second of a two-part series, the author takes a case study approach to trace the methodology used by a school of nurse anesthesia to revise its clinical curriculum.
Print version: 1983;51(2):167-174.
AANA Journal Course: The anesthetic management of the patient. Part I - A case approach: Regional anesthesia for the juvenile patient.
By James G. Courtad, CRNA, BS
Charles A. Reese, CRNA, PhD
The first of a six-part series of the 1983-84 AANA Journal Course. Regional anesthesia of all types has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Focusing on a pediatric patient, the authors describe the use of brachial plexus regional anesthesia.
Print version: 1983;51(2):175-181.
Washington scene
By Richard E. Verville, JD
AANA Washington Consultant
More on Medicare changes.
Print version: 1983;51(2):182-184,201-202.
AANA Journal Course Examination
Print version: 1983;51(2):203-209.
Legal briefs
By Julie N. Manson, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
The role of the health care practitioner when the patient poses a harmful threat to others.
Print version: 1983;51(2):210-211.
Letters to the editor
Print version: 1983;51(2):137.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1983;51(2):114.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1983;51(2):224.

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