April 1982, AANA Journal

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Anesthesia and the neurosurgical patient: Part 1-Monitoring needs
By Mary Kay Davis, CRNA, BS
In this the first of a series on anesthesia management of the neurosurgical patient, the author explores patient monitoring, both invasive and noninvasive.
Print version: 1982;50(2):143-148.
Renal dysfunction and anephric patients: Anesthetic considerations
By Stanley Deutsch, MD, PhD
A review of the common problems encountered with patients who have chronic renal disease and how these problems impact on the choice of anesthesia technique.
Print version: 1982;50(2):149-154.
Anesthetic considerations for major aortic surgery
By Donna L. Hinton, CRNA, BSN
The etiology of aortic aneurysm and the anesthetic management of the patient undergoing aortic surgery is reviewed.
Print version: 1982;50(2):155-160.
Sterilization versus disinfection of anesthesia breathing circuits: Safety and economic considerations
By Loretta Wasse, CRNA, MEd
Mary Curtis
A literature review combines with a self-study comparison of chemical sterilization and pasteurization of rubber breathing circuits to disposable breathing circuits; both safety and cost factors are weighed.
Print version: 1982;50(2):161-165.
A report: Hypnoanesthesia for office surgery
By Louis R. McCoy, CRNA, PhD
A brief description of how hypnosis is used in conjunction with anesthesia and for the psychological preparation of a patient undergoing cosmetic surgery in an office environment.
Print version: 1982;50(2):167-168.
Increased recognition for the expanded role of the nurse-A commitment to the public
Print version: 1982;50(2):113.
Legal Briefs
By Julie N. Manson, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
Update: Nurse malpractice and the physician's order
Print version: 1982;50(2):189-191.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
The great budget and New Federalism debates
Print version: 1982;50(2):169-172.
AANA Journal Course: The anesthetic management of the patient. Part 1-A broad view of the anesthetic considerations necessary regarding the respiratory system.
By Cecil B. Drain, Maj, CRNA, MS
The first of the AANA Journal's second 6-part course. The author reviews and updates the concepts of the pulmonary system for the practicing nurse anesthetist. Stress is placed on formulating an anesthetic plan of care for a patient with compromised pulmonary function.
Print version: 1982;50(2):192-201.
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Print version: 1982;50(2):166.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1982;50(2):191.
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Print version: 1982;50(2):110.
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Print version: 1982;50(2):204.
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