April 1981, AANA Journal

Table of Contents

Professional burn-out: Recognition and management
By Edgar M. Ansell, EdD
An examination of both the internal and external causes of burn-out, as well as suggestions for coping with stress.
Print version: 1981;49(2):135-142.
Anesthesia for cystic fibrosis patients
By Sandra Weiss Rix, CRNA, BA
An overview of the potential risks and anesthestic complications encountered in surgical patients with this condition.
Print version: 1981;49(2):143-146.
Acute gastric dilatation associated with multiple trauma
By Patricia J. Olinder, CRNA, BS
Maurice A Ibin, MD, MS
Both a review of the literature and a case presentation focusing on the complication of acute gastric dilatation in trauma victims.
Print version: 1981;49(2):147-150.
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for the relief of post-incisional surgical pain
By Jack M. Neary, CRNA
An analysis of how this newly applied technique can reduce the need for narcotics in pain reduction.
Print version: 1981;49(2):151-155.
Spontaneous uterine rupture: A case study
By G. D. (Jay) Woldt, Maj., CRNA, MN
A step-by-step approach to the anesthetic management of a patient with this condition.
Print version: 1981;49(2):156-158.
Neuromuscular blocking agents: A review
By Murray Comfort, CRNA
A review of the mechanism of neuromuscular transmission and the effects of curare and succinylcholine on this function.
Print version: 1981;49(2):159-165.
Education Feature: New responsibilities in academe
By Scott D. Foster, CRNA, MA
A fresh look at the research and service responsibilities of today's nurse anesthesia educator.
Print version: 1981;49(2):166-173.
The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists celebrates Founders' Day on
June 17
Print version: 1981;49(2):109.
News & Views
Print version: 1981;49(2):113.
Print version: 1981;49(2):209-210.
Legal Briefs
By William R. Kucera, JD
AANA Legal Counsel
The courts look at the exclusive contract for providing anesthesia services.
Print version: 1981;49(2):174-176.
Washington Scene
By Richard E. Verville
AANA Washington Consultant
The Reagan Administration proposes a new approach.
Print version: 1981;49(2):177-180.
AANA Journal Course: Preoperative evaluation and physical assessment of the patient. Part 1-The respiratory system
By Nancy J. Wittstock, CRNA, MS
The first of the AANA Journal's 6-part course. Here, the author provides the "how to" of the physical assessment as well as the implications to anesthesia of any abnormal physical findings.
Print version: 1981;49(2):197-206.
Book Reviews
Print version: 1981;49(2):133.
General and subscription information
Print version: 1981;49(2):104.
Index to advertisers
Print version: 1981;49(2):228.


Volume 49 , Number 2
ISSN 0094-6354
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