AANA Joins Merck to Highlight the Importance of Communication and Collaboration at All Stages of Surgery Through the OR Xchange Program

​Communication is a topic surgical and anesthesia professionals have discussed for some time. Though both groups have distinct roles throughout the perioperative process, earlier communication in the surgical setting could facilitate greater collaboration in the OR. OR Xchange, a program funded by Merck, encourages surgical teams and their institutions to make communication and collaboration a priority. The AANA is joining efforts with Merck on this important initiative.
As part of OR Xchange, Merck sponsored a survey of more than 500 healthcare professionals* which examined communication and collaboration at all stages of surgery. On Aug. 12, a preview of the survey results were distributed to AANA Annual Meeting attendees by Merck. 
The survey found that most surgeons and anesthesia professionals (CRNAs and anesthesiologists) are satisfied with the level of communication and collaboration with members of their surgical team. However, the survey also found that increased communication could result in a more collaborative working environment.
OR Xchange urges all professionals in a surgical setting to consider the use of existing surgical checklists as one approach to encourage greater communication and potentially an even more collaborative working environment. Visit www.OR-Xchange.com to learn more about the program, survey findings and select organizations with existing checklists.
* Survey respondents included 255 surgeons, 202 anesthesiologists and 50 nurse anesthetists. Fielded by Research Data & Insights on behalf of Merck. December 2012.
This article was brought to you by Merck.