Nurse Anesthesia Featured in USA Today Chronic Pain Awareness Insert

The Chronic Pain Awareness insert in the September 21, 2012 issue of USA Today featuring a two-page spread on nurse anesthesia and the AANA. The AANA is also featured on the cover in a banner ad promoting “Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists: Alleviating Pain for 150 Years.” Distribution markets for the print version of the insert include the New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia editions of USA Today, for a total print circulation exceeding 460,000. Total readership, not including digital impressions, is estimated at more than 1.4 million. All of the sponsors and featured organizations in the insert will also be distributing the publication to their memberships and affiliates electronically, expanding the readership by a wide margin.

The timing of this wonderful exposure for the nurse anesthesia profession and the AANA is fortuitous given the CMS proposed rule on CRNA chronic pain management services which is under review at this time. Medicare agency officials have indicated that they will publish the final rule on or about Nov. 1, 2012, and expect the ruling to go into effect on January 1, 2013. But there are no guarantees what the final rule will say until it actually appears in the Federal Register. Until then, there is work to do! Now is the time to make your voice heard by your lawmakers on Capitol Hill.
As soon as you finish perusing the USA Today insert, be sure to click over to Use the online tools there to write your members of Congress and ask them to contact the Medicare agency to support maintaining direct reimbursement for CRNA chronic pain management services in the final rule. Time is short, so please act now!

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