CRNAs Sought for Focus Group

CRNAs are needed for a market research focus group convening in Texas on July 24, 2012. The study revolves around agents used in procedures, such as NMBAs and NMB reversal agents. A standard medical focus group usually involves discussing certain concepts, products, or approaches often illustrated by visual materials or mock ups.  "The indication that we have for this study is that the client wants to take an innovative approach with very creative CRNAs. This is market research and not clinical research. Our clients want feedback from professionals and are not trying to sell anything but rather want experience-based opinions about ideas and products," says Robert McCoy, a manager at Fieldwork.
"We are excited to be able to include CRNAs in this current project. Our studies are not permitted to involve sales or promotion, and confidential information is not requested," says McCoy. The company's website is:
This project would pay CRNAs who qualify and participate in the focus group an honorarium of $250.