Opportunities for Nurses Within the Work of AHRQ

​The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is currently recruiting reviewers and chairpersons for vacancies on three of their standing study sections. Full descriptions can be found at the AHRQ website.
Healthcare Information Technology Research (HITR) Study Section
Five members have retired from this study section, including the chair. In all, AHRQ is recruiting seven members to appoint a full study section. Needed competencies include expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, decision-making aids, and general health IT, with a balance between clinicians and doctorally prepared research scientists.
Health Care Research Training (HCRT) Study Section
This study section is recruiting six members, including the chair. AHRQ is seeking expertise in patient-centered outcomes research, statisticians who are expert in quantitative and qualitative methods, and methodologists.
Healthcare Systems & Value Research (HSVR) Study Section
HSVR is recruiting three members. Priorities are for clinicians and doctorally prepared research scientists with general competencies that fit the study section.
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