Coalition for Patients' Rights Opposes AMA Resolution 814 and SOPP

Coalition for Patients' Rights Opposes AMA Resolution 814
and Scope of Practice Partnership

Listed below is a joint statement endorsed by 33 healthcare organizations, including the AANA, that have united as the Coalition for Patients' Rights (CPR). The coalition opposes the Scope of Practice Partnership led by the American Medical Association (AMA), as well as AMA Resolution 814 that was adopted in November 2005 (the statement below includes additional background information).
Mitch Tobin, AANA Senior Director of Professional Practice Affairs, was on a work group that helped develop the joint statement. Also found below is a press release concerning CPR and the joint statement. Christopher Bettin, AANA Senior Director of Communications, served on the PR work group that developed the press release.
A media teleconference regarding these activities occurred on June 8, 2006. Tobin participated on the teleconference, as did representatives of the American Nurses Association and the American Psychological Association.
An AMA "progress" report (Report 24) concerning Resolution 814 has been posted on the AMA's website; view the report.


The Coalition for Patients’ Rights (CPR) has launched a website to both draw attention to the AMA’s divisive efforts and to keep interested parties updated on the coalition’s efforts and progress. Add this link to your Favorites:


Safe Injection Practices Education and Awareness Campaign



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