VA Final Rule News

Opinion: Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
One Safe and Simple Solution to More Timely Care for Vets
The Hill, March 22, 2017
CRNAs Fight VA Policy Change
MD Magazine, January 10, 2017
Letter: VA Should Fully Authorize All Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Post Bulletin (Rochester, Minn.), January 7, 2017
VA Grants APRNs Full Practice Authority. Almost.
HealthLeaders Media, January 3, 2017
VA Permits APRNs to Practice to Full Authority
Rehab Management, December 26, 2016
VA Extends Practice Authority to NPs, Expanding Vet Care Access, December 23, 2016
VHA Support for Nurse Practitioners Draws Fire from Medical Leaders
The American Prospect (blog), December 20, 2016
Nurse Anesthetists Planning to Oppose VA Rule
Medpage Today, December 16, 2016
Survey: Did VA Blow It on Nurse Anesthetists?
Medpage Today, December 16, 2016
Finalized VA Policy Expands Scope of Nurse Practitioners
Contemporary Clinic, December 16, 2016
VA Gives RNs Full Practice Authority to Improve Care Access
RevCycle Intelligence, December 16, 2016
VA Decision Keeps Veterans Waiting for Timely Anesthesia Care
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, December 14, 2016
Encourage the VA to Support Full Practice for ALL APRNs
Association of Southeastern Minnesota Nurse Practitioners, December 14, 2016
VA Grants Veterans Direct Access to APRN Care
Clinical Advisor, December 14, 2016
GREAT NEWS!! VA Moves Forward with Full Practice Authority for APRNs
Central Florida Advanced Nursing Practice Council, December 14, 2016
VA Grants Full Practice Authority to Advance Practice Registered Nurses
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, December 14, 2016
VA Finalizes Rule that Expands Scope of Nurse Practice
Modern Healthcare, December 13, 2016
VA Grants Full Practice Authority to Certain Advanced Practice Nurses
American Hospital Association, December 13, 2016
Nurse Anesthetists Left Out of New VA Policy
Medpage Today, December 13, 2016
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Responds to VA Rulemaking on APRN Practice
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, December 13, 2016
VA Rules on Advanced Practice Nurses
MD Magazine, December 13, 2016
VA Reverses Proposal
Anesthesiology News, December 13, 2016

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