A Never Event: Exposing the Largest Outbreak of Hepatitis C in American Healthcare History

Book Details Nebraska Hepatitis C Outbreak Tragedy


A new book, A Never Event: Exposing the Largest Outbreak of Hepatitis C in American Healthcare History, details the tragic story of the Nebraska Hepatitis C outbreak that infected about 100 Nebraska cancer patients with hepatitis C. The outbreak is attributed to employees of an oncology clinic who reused syringes, spreading the disease. The outbreak remains the largest of its kind in American healthcare history, although a number of subsequent outbreaks continue, including one exposing up to 50,000 patients in Las Vegas, Nev.

Dr. Evelyn McKnight and attorney Travis Bennington are the authors of this book, which exposes the human tragedy behind the Nebraska outbreak. McKnight, one of the patients infected with hepatitis C while battling a recurrence of breast cancer, and Bennington, an attorney who represented many of the victims, wrote the book to shed light on the tragedy and unearth the negligent healthcare practices that are resulting in more outbreaks to this day.

If you plan on receiving healthcare in the future, this book is a must-read. The factors that caused the Nebraska tragedy still occur every day in healthcare facilities throughout the country, McKnight said.

Our main goal for writing this book is to help save lives by informing the public about questions you must ask your healthcare providers to protect yourselves, and by educating doctors and nurses about commonsense guidelines to prevent such tragedies, she added.

History untold is history repeated, Bennington said. By telling the story of the Nebraska hepatitis C tragedy, we hope future communities will be spared the pain and suffering experienced here in Nebraska.

In addition to writing A Never Event, McKnight and Bennington have co-founded Hepatitis Outbreaks National Organization for Reform – HONOReform – a national patient safety advocacy organization. In recent months, HONOReform leaders have advocated in Washington and across the nation for greater oversight and regulation of outpatient medical facilities, and have helped communities and patients impacted by such tragedies begin the healing process. The mission of HONOReform is to promote the lessons learned from the outbreaks so such tragedies will never happen again.

More Information on HONOReform: www.honoreform.org

More Information on A Never Event: www.aneverevent.com


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