Lifebox Project Supports Safe Surgery

Lifebox is a not-for-profit organization that grew out of a global initiative by the World Health Organization (WHO) to make surgery safer across the globe. Since nurse anesthesia is all about patient safety, the AANA has adopted the cause of this valuable organization and is asking nurse anesthetists in the United States to consider making a donation to support the work of Lifebox. Specifically, the Lifebox mission is “to ensure that no patient dies because a pulse oximeter and basic safety checks were not used during surgery.”
This project is a straightforward first step: Ensuring that every operating room in the world has a simple, essential device that can save lives–a pulse oximeter.
For every $250 in donations, the program provides a pulse oximeter, rechargeable batteries, universal finger probe, AC/DC adapter charger and cradle, protective case, educational materials and a copy of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist to eligible clinicians/facilities in low income/low resource areas.
A complete description of the program and link to donate can be found at Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!