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New This Year! Education Tracks Designed Especially for You​
The Essentials
​Research In Action
​Health & Wellness
The Essentials track focuses on:
  • Reviewing the fundamentals of nurse anesthesia principles and practice.
  • Providing new information on areas of interest.

The Research in Action track focuses on:
  • Addressing cutting-edge issues in research, practice, and education.
  • Innovative approaches to improve quality anesthesia care.

The Health & Wellness track focuses on:
  • Providing support for professional and personal well-being through fun, healthy activities, and CE
    lectures to enhance workplace resiliency, infuse diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.
  • Addressing increased awareness to identify substance abuse/dependency to decrease the risk to anesthesia professionals and patients
​Clinical Practice
History & Archives
Practice Management 101
The Clinical Practice track focuses on:
  • Providing new information for the CRNA engaged inclinical practice to assist with evidence-based decision making.

The History & Archives track focuses on:
  • Providing a historical context for current anesthesia practice issues facing the profession.


The Practice Management 101 track focuses on:
  • Providing an overview of the key elements that will optimize business practices and reimbursement for a
    wide variety of practice settings.


​Special Interest
​The Special Interest track focuses on:
  • The Keynote Speaker, the Student Session, Assembly of School Faculty, and a special AANA Journal Writers Workshop.

View Educational Opportunities​