Supplemental Malpractice Insurance Toolkit


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Supplemental Malpractice Insurance for CRNAs

The Importance of Supplemental Malpractice Insurance

For CRNAs who rely solely on the malpractice insurance provided by their employer or facility, the information below will help you understand why it’s important to get answers to the following questions:
  • Are you provided with your own separate limits of liability or are you sharing limits of liability with everyone else insured under your employer’s policy?
  • What happens if there is a claim?
  • If there is a claim, will you, your interests and your professional reputation be protected?
  • Will you have any say in how the claim is settled or what’s reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank?
  • What happens if you’re sued for something that occurred when you were working for a previous employer?
  • What’s not covered by your employer’s policy?
  • Should you have a policy of your own to supplement the coverage provided by your employer?
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