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Who is AANA Insurance Services? 

AANA Insurance Services is an insurance agency specializing in CRNA malpractice insurance. No other insurance agency provides a wider range of malpractice insurance coverage options for CRNAs.
AANA Insurance Services is the insurance industry leader in developing and making new coverages available to address the specific needs of CRNAs and help them stay competitive in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Some of the coverages offered include:
  • Supplemental policies for CRNAs employed by hospitals or groups
  • Part-time coverage
  • Moonlighting coverage
  • Coverage for staffing agencies
  • Coverage for nurse anesthesia educational programs
  • Premium discounts for first and second year graduates
  • Occurrence coverage for students
AANA Insurance Services is wholly-owned by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). Since we were founded in 1989, we have contributed to projects of significant importance to the nurse anesthesia profession. Some of these projects have helped to improve patient safety, increased the professional opportunities of our student registered nurse anesthetists, as well as supported both research and peer assistance efforts. Some of the groups that have benefitted from AANA Insurance Services' financial support include the following:
  • Closed-claim studies
  • Nurse anesthesia educational programs
  • The AANA Foundation
  • State associations
  • Anesthesia Quality Plus
AANA Insurance Services is a source of information and help for CRNAs with concerns regarding malpractice insurance. Whether you're a client or not, AANA Insurance Services is here to answer your questions and help you resolve your malpractice problems and issues.

AANA Insurance Services presents the information below about CNA and Medical Protective for your reference. The information presented does not represent AANA endorsing the services of one company over the other. We encourage you to explore the information below to educate yourself about both companies to make the best decision for your particular needs, and call AANA Insurance Services at (800) 343-1368 with any questions you may have.


Who is CNA?

CNA provides nurse anesthetists with malpractice insurance designed to meet the evolving regulatory, legal and organizational risks of the healthcare industry. Offering occurrence, claims-made and convertible coverage nationwide to students, individuals, groups and alternative risks, we can show you more.


Who is Medical Protective?


To offer occurrence coverage, it is essential for an insurance company to have significant financial strength, competitive pricing experience and stability, long into the future. Medical Protective is just such a company. As a member of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Medical Protective has the experience and superior financial strength to provide occurrence coverage for the long run. Here are just a few reasons why:
  • 115 years of experience handling claims
  • The industry’s highest financial ratings from A.M. Best (A++)
  • A national company with coverage options countrywide, generally allowing portability of coverage from state to state

Professional Liability Coverage Highlights for CRNAs:

  • Occurrence, Claims-Made and Convertible Claims Made coverage available
  • Defense costs are in addition to the limits of liability
  • Good Samaritan Acts coverage
  • Personal injury liability coverage for damages to persons other than a patient, performing professional services
  • Coverage for deposition fees and expenses of up to $5,000 in the aggregate, when you are not a party to the suit
  • Coverage for Administrative hearing expenses of up to $10,000 per hearing and $25,000 in the aggregate
  • Coverage for rendering first aid for bodily injury to persons other than a patient of up to $2,500 in the aggregate
  • Coverage for medical expenses for accidents that occur while caring for patients - up to $2,000 per person and $10,000 in aggregate.
  • Additional coverage for CRNAs with employer-provided malpractice insurance
All products administered and underwritten by Medical Protective or its affiliates. Visit medpro.com/affiliates for more information. ©2014 The Medical Protective Company. ® All Rights Reserved. Product availability varies based upon business and regulatory approval, and differs between companies.


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