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For more than 25 years, AANA Insurance Services has been specializing in malpractice insurance for CRNAs. It has always been the goal of AANA Insurance Services to develop and provide innovative insurance products to meet the ever-changing malpractice insurance needs of AANA members and to support the expansion of the nurse anesthesia profession.
No other insurance agency provides a wider range of malpractice liability coverage options for CRNAs.  Listed below are the various policy offerings available through AANA Insurance Services.
  Policy Options
Full-Time Policies – For CRNAs who work more than 1,000 hours per year and need to have their own policy. Apply Now! 
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Moonlighting Policies – For CRNAs who are covered by their employer’s or facility’s malpractice insurance in their primary job, but need their own policy for work they do outside of that primary job. There is a 500 hour and a 1,000 hour policy. The 500 hour policy provides coverage for approximately 10 hours a week on average and the 1,000 hour policy provides coverage for approximately 20 hours a week on average. Please note: These weekly averages are used only as examples. There is no weekly cap on hours worked. The hours can be spread out however you like over the annual policy. Apply Now! 
Part-Time Policies – For CRNAs who work 1,000 hours (or less) per year and need to have their own policy. The 1,000-hour policy provides coverage for approximately 20 hours a week on average. This weekly average is used only as an example. There is no weekly cap on hours worked. The 1,000 hours can be spread out however you like over the annual policy period. Apply Now!  
Supplemental Malpractice Insurance for CRNAs - For many CRNAs, their malpractice insurance is provided by their employer or facility. This policy supplements the coverage provided by your employer so you and your interests are protected should you ever be involved in a claim. Apply Now!  
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Policies – For short-term assignments when you need to have your own policy. For more information, contact AANA Insurance Services at (800) 343-1368.  
Slot Policies – A slot policy is just like a full-time policy, but instead of covering only one CRNA, it can cover up to 10 CRNAs working up to 2,000 hours per year in total. Essentially, the number of CRNAs covered under the policy and the number of hours worked make up one full-time equivalent (FTE). Apply Now!
CRNA Groups and CRNA/Anesthesiologists Groups – Policies are available for groups, and they specifically address their coverage needs, such as corporate coverage and vicarious liability coverage. Apply Now!
Staffing and Placement Agencies - Policies are available to accommodate the needs of these specialized businesses. Apply Now!
Student Policies – For students in the clinical portion of their educational programs. Apply Now!
Nurse Anesthesia Educational Program Policies – Students are insured under this policy with coverage extended to the school and facility. Every situation is unique. Please contact us at (800) 343-1368 for more detailed information. Apply Now!

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