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Patient-Friendly Pediatric Scan Suites Ease "Scanxiety"
These suites - complete with colorful murals, music and sound effects, and moving images projected on the inside of the machine - are helping to ease the "scanxiety" that may come with undergoing medical imaging exams.
University of California at San Francisco, November 17, 2016
On the Clock: CRNAs Serving as Patient "Protectors"
An anesthetist administers anesthesia, narcotics and other medicines to patients while undergoing operations. The anesthetist never leaves the patient's side during surgery, constantly monitoring the patient's heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and airways while managing the amount of anesthesia and pain killers they receive.
The Dickinson Press, November 12, 2016
Routine Colonoscopy is Anything But for Most of Us
One second, I was perfectly lucid, taking detailed notes for this column. The next second, it was lights out and my head was in a haze for hours. Maybe that's a good thing when it comes to having a colonoscopy, a truly invasive procedure that scares off too many people, according to the American Cancer Society.
Chicago Tribune, August 11, 2016
What Every Woman Should Know About Nurse Practitioners
"A nurse practitioner is an advanced-practice nurse, so an RN with advanced education. They're licensed and authorized in all states to diagnose, treat, and prescribe. Nurse practitioners deliver primary and specialty care, which encompasses all populations across the lifespan."
Refinery29, June 30, 2016
U.S. Patients Offered Acupuncture as Anesthsia Alternative
Imagine you're scheduled for surgery and your doctor asks if you'd like acupuncture as your anesthesia. Would you say yes? CCTV America, February 7, 2016
Put the Phone Away, You Are Having an Operation
Medical schools and medical societies are addressing so-called technology–human interactions and professional etiquette, but a new problem looms: the patient who does not interact with the provider. Patients can thus affect their care based on their distraction. Anesthesiology News, June 2015
Drugs, Other Therapy Can Help Ease Nausea After Surgery
It is normal to be concerned about postoperative nausea and vomiting. To address the concern, the anesthesia can be tailored to each person’s potential risk of these symptoms.
The Buffalo News, June 13, 2015
Anesthetist Draws Cartoons To Communicate with Expectant Deaf Mother
A male anesthetist at a Hunan hospital had the idea of drawing cartoon pictures to communicate with an expectant deaf mother before she underwent a caesarean surgery this past Monday, and his efforts have touched the hearts of thousands of web users. Shanghai-ist, January 8, 2015
This Weird Side Effect Nearly Torpedoed The Practice of Anesthesia
It's 1844, and surgeries are brutal, agonizing, and necessary slapdash. One man promises he can make it so patients feel no pain. He proves it with a patient who screams hysterically throughout a short procedure. Here's how a side effect of laughing gas nearly strangled anesthesiology in its cradle.
io9, December 26, 2014
At Last: Technology to Make Injections Painless
The gate control theory of pain basically says that pain occurs for people when it reaches the brain, and the stimulus that causes pain has to travel through neurological gates along the spinal cord to get there. By occupying those gates with other sensations (like vibrations or pressure), the sensation of the needle stick is able to slip by our neurological defenses.
Popular Science, October 17, 2014
How Joan Rivers Might Save Your Life, September 17, 2014
Controlling Childbirth Pain Tied to Lower Depression Risk
Controlling pain during childbirth and post delivery may reduce the risk of postpartum depression.
Medical Xpress, July 23,2014
Dr. Richard Rosen Introduces New Technology for Painless Injections
Did you know that nearly 25 percent of all dental appointments are cancelled out of fear or anxiety? Dr. Rosen's painless injections should help change that stat.
Digital Journal, July 7, 2014
Apple Includes Comprehensive Health Platform in iOS8
The health app and HealthKit API platform include partnerships with Nike and Mayo Clinic, which Apple says will facilitate integration of personal health information across applications and among healthcare providers of a consumer's choosing.
Health Data Management, June 2, 2014
New Website Featuring Educational Videos Empowers Patients in Dental Health Decisions
From when to have your child's wisdom teeth removed to questions about the safe use of anesthesia, more and more people are searching the Internet to get educated about healthcare choices for themselves and their children.
Digital Journal, April 2, 2014
Nurses on Front Line of Reforms
Nurses have always served on the front lines of healthcare. Now, nurses find themselves on the front lines of healthcare reform., March 21, 2014
Consulting a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or a nurse midwife can be more beneficial than orinigally thought.
Forbes, February 10, 2013
Epidurals may Make Labor Longer than Originally Thought: Study
While a shot to relieve labor pains is known to increase the time it takes for women to deliver babies, a new study says the increase may be longer than originally thought.
Reuters, February 5, 2014
Type of Surgical Anesthesia Might Influence Prostate Cancer’s Return
A new study suggests that for men having prostate cancer surgery, the type of anesthesia doctors use might make a difference in the odds of the cancer returning.
HealthDay Reporter, December 17, 2013
Nurses have ranked highest in honesty and ethics in America since 1999.
HealthPopuli, December 16, 2013
Health Matters: A New Prescription for Surgical Pain
After surgery, managing pain is one of the biggest challenges for patients, but the traditional remedy—narcotic painkillers—can cause unpleasant and even dangerous side effects.
The Wall Street Journal, October 27, 2013
Until now, it hasn’t been clear how propofol connects with brain cells to induce anesthesia. The researchers believe the findings eventually will lead to the development of more effective anesthetics with fewer side effects.
Laboratory Equipment, September 23, 2013
A new study suggests that a possible third state of mind exists that allows patients under the influence of anesthesia to respond to a command – without being disturbed by the surgery or by pain.
Emaxheath, September 21, 2013
New hope came Sept. 14 to many uninsured patients in Riverside County who have been living with pain, physical limitations and other medical conditions, but can’t afford the surgery that would change their lives.
The Press-Enterprise, September 20, 2013
An increasing number of NHS hospitals around the UK are offering patients an opportunity to watch TV or films while undergoing operations.
BBC News, September 4, 2013
Alex Lenkei is a hypnotist who won't have to convince anyone that his power of suggestion really works. Lenkei's hypnosis is so powerful that the 66-year-old from Surrey, England, underwent invasive ankle surgery without anesthesia.
International Science Times, August 28, 2013
With the patient's body negatively reacting to a number of local anesthesia options, the anesthesiologist relied on hypnosis to remove her tumor. Gazzetta del Sud Online, August 21, 2013 
Laughing Gas Does Not Increase Heart Attacks
A new study states that nitrous oxide, one of the world's oldest and most widely used anesthetics, is safe to use.
Washington University in St. Louis, June 19, 2013
Why Access to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Matters
With a growing number of Americans having health issues that require more complex care than ever before, and a shortage of healthcare providers, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses are a viable option.
AARP Blog, June 14, 2013
How Can You Reduce Pain During a Hospital Stay?
Be proactive: follow these simple steps to ensure your next hospital visit goes as smoothly as possible.
OUPblog, June 17, 2013
No Link Between Anesthesia, Dementia in Elderly, Mayo Clinic Study Finds
Eldery patients who receive anesthesia are no more likely to develop long-term dementia or Alzheimer's disease than  other seniors., May 1, 2013
"Mother of Anesthesia" Magaw a Former Cresco Resident
Alice Magaw revolutionized anesthesia care, and helped put the Mayo brothers on the map.
Cresco Times Plain Dealer, April 30, 2013
Study Finds Anesthesia Increases Success Rates of Turning Breech Babies
Anesthesia is cost-effective and also increases the success rate of turning a breeched baby., April 19, 2013
Aspiration Pneumonia May Result From Propofol Colonoscopies
Colonoscopies performed under propofol anesthesia often result in aspiration pneumonia, according to an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Becker's Hospital Review, March 12, 2013
More Men Choose Nursing - And Earn More Than Women
Most nurses are women, but the number of male nurses is growing and — no surprise — they earn more than their female counterparts. AARP Blog, March 12, 2013
Male Nurses Becoming More Commonplace, Census Bureau Reports
The nursing profession remains overwhelmingly female, but the representation of men has increased.
Hamburg Reporter, February 25, 2013 
Severe Reactions to General Anesthesia are Rare
What patients should know about the frequency of severe reactions to general anesthesia., January 29, 2013 
A new study records for the first time what happens to brain cells when patients go under. Three patients undergoing treatment for epilepsy provided a unique opportunity for researchers.
TIME, December 6, 2012
A review of more than 15,000 nerve block procedures performed in children at U.S. hospitals finds little or no risk of permanent complications or death, reports a study in the December issue of Anesthesia & Analgesia., December 5, 2012
I'm scheduled for a C-section, and am nervous about the anesthesia. What are my options?
The, November 12, 2012
What does anesthesia feel like?  I have a high possibility of going into surgery soon. The thing is, I have no idea of what it feels like to be asleep from anesthesia. Yahoo Answers, November 2012
Watching a favorite cartoon can reduce children's anxiety just before they receive anesthesia and undergo surgery, researchers have found. U.S. News & World Report, November 16, 2012
How RNs are keeping patients safe and warm, postanesthesia., October 29, 2012
A visit to the doctor increasingly means a visit to an advanced practice nurse or a physician assistant. Get to know these new faces. Journal Star, October 29, 2012
Giving neuromuscular blocking agents as part of the anesthetic package raised the risk of respiratory complications, a large single-center study showed.
MedPage Today, October 16, 2012
Although consent forms differ depending on the institution, they should include the name of the doctor performing the operation and the procedure you're authorizing.
Chicago Tribune, September 23, 2012
A study in New Zealand has pointed the way to faster recovery for surgery patients who wake up from general anesthetic feeling as if they have jet-lag, or the sensation of being in a different time zone.
People's Daily Online, April 17, 2012
Will you be in any danger from the sedation you’re being given during the procedure? Do you fully understand what anesthesia options are available to you? Know the facts before you agree to any form of sedation., April 17, 2012
The Kimberly-Clark Pediatric/Child Face Mask is designed to fit children ages 5 years to 12 years old.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, September 28, 2011
Johnson & Johnson will lower the maximum daily dose for Extra Strength Tylenol to reduce risk of overdose, McNeil Consumer Healthcare announced on Thursday.
Reuters, July 29, 2011
A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist explains why spinal anesthesia, commonly used for joint replacements, is a safe alternative to general anesthesia with distinct advantages.
Herald Times Reporter News, June 27, 2011
Some approaches to fulfilling the FDA's brief summary requirement, while adequate from a regulatory perspective, are not optimal in communicating important prescription drug information to consumers.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, June 20, 2011
By using the immune system to attack tumors, U.K. and Mayo Clinic researchers have created a vaccine that cured prostate tumors in mice without relying on toxic chemotherapy or radiation.
SmartPlanet, June 20, 2011
A new technique allows researchers to view real-time, 3-D images of a patient's brain, as the patient undergoes anesthesia from propofol, according to a report by TIME.
Becker's ASC Review, June 15, 2011
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is proposing a new privacy rule that would give patients the right to receive a detailed report on who has electronically accessed their protected health information.
Medscape Medical News, June 1, 2011
Fewer pregnant women and their partners are attending prenatal education classes these days and appear to be quietly following whatever advice the doctor or midwife recommends, researchers said.
Los Angeles Times, June 14, 2011
Patient gripes will soon affect how much hospitals get paid by Medicare.
Kaiser Health News, April 28, 2011
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the use of Menactra in children as young as 9 months for the prevention of invasive meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, April 22, 2011
Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, LLC has become aware of a broad U.S. market recall of Triad Povidone Iodine Prep Pads, manufactured by H&P Industries Inc. and marketed under various brand names including Triad.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, April 21, 2011
More medical centers are offering house calls to geriatric patients.
WKYC-TV Channel 3 News, April 21, 2011
FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that FDA continues to receive reports of methemoglobinemia, a serious and potentially fatal adverse effect, associated with benzocaine products both as a spray, used during medical procedures to numb the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, and benzocaine gels and liquids sold over-the-counter and used to relieve pain from a variety of conditions, such as teething, canker sores, and irritation of the mouth and gums.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration MedWatch Safety Information, April 7, 2011
Today, HHS launched the newly rebuilt website, where Americans will be able to get the information they need for open enrollment in October. Consumers now have the opportunity to sign up for emails and text messages, which will provide them with more information to help them make well-informed decisions when the time to enroll for coverage begins. And come October, individuals and small businesses will be able to buy insurance from qualified private health plans and check if they are eligible for financial assistance — all in one place. The website will help you prepare for the coming insurance Marketplace, learn about the law, and more.