Student Photograph Submission Guidelines

You may submit photographs to be posted in the Student Photographs section
in one of two formats:

Digital Photographs
Digital photographs should be a minimum of 200 dpi resolution. Do not show any patient faces, and do not add the date or time to the photo. Please provide captions for each photograph, including names and credentials of those in the photo(s) and a sentence or two describing what is going on in the photo. Email photos and captions to Important: Do not embed the photos in a Microsoft Word file or other word processing programs. Photos should be attached to the email as separate attachments from the captions. Captions may be provided in a word processing program. Also: if the total file size of all the photos you are sending is more than 4 MB, please send the photos to the Web Editor on a CD or DVD via U.S. mail. See address in Print Photographs section.
Print Photographs
Mail print photographs from a film camera to: Web Editor, AANA, 222 S. Prospect Avenue, Park Ridge, IL 60068-4001. Please provide caption information including names and credentials of those in the photo(s) and a sentence or two describing what is going on in the photo. After the web staff has scanned your print photos, they will be returned to you. Please provide return address information. Photos should be provided in 4" x 5" or 5" x 7" format.
All Photographs
Do not submit more than 10 photographs for any one event. All photographs must show student nurse anesthetists in academic, clinical or professional pursuit of their degree in nurse anesthesia. This may include a photograph of a nurse anesthesia educational program's class ("Class of 2011"), lobbying for nurse anesthesia issues, clinical work, working on senior projects, National Nurse Anesthetist Week activities, Annual Meeting or AANA Assembly activities. If you are unsure whether the subject is a fit, contact the Web Editor, at the email address or phone number below. AANA reserves the right to not post any photograph that is of inferior quality in any manner, and also to edit any photograph submitted - to lighten, to crop, to adjust in any manner. Not all photographs submitted may be necessarily selected for publication.
Permission to post - Important
Anyone submitting photographs to AANA must secure permission (from everyone shown in any of the photographs) to submit their likeness to AANA and have the photograph posted on the AANA website. Upon receipt, AANA assumes that permission by those pictured in the photographs has been granted. If we receive complaints from anyone shown in the photo, the photo will be removed from the website.
If you have further questions, please contact Cathy Hodson at or call her at 847-692-7050, ext. 1147.


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