National University-Fresno Nurse Anesthesia Program

​Grand Opening: Nurse Anesthesia Program

High-Fidelity Anesthesia Simulation Center 

Fresno, Calif., May 21, 2012



The ribbon is cut for the grand opening of the National University, Fresno, Nurse Anesthesia Program's High-Fidelity Anesthesia Simulation Center.


Student registered nurse anesthetists take advantage of
 the new center's many features.

Nurse anesthesia students work as a team during an
unfolding case study and simulation activity.

Student registered nurse anesthetists Nina Nguyen, Troy Davis and Chris Simmonson work with Bryan Tune, CRNA, DNP​, on airway management skills in the high-fidelity anesthesia simulation center.

Student registered nurse anesthetists Nazarret Tomassian and
Guillermo Vallejo study prior to an anatomy practical exam.​
Posted July 3, 2012
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