Mid-Year Assembly Student Mentoring Program Provides Valuable Insight to Future CRNAs

On April 15, 2013, at the AANA Mid-Year Assembly, a group of student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs) from around the country spent the day being mentored by practicing CRNAs as part of the Student Mentoring Program, coordinated by the AANA Public Relations Committee. Nurse anesthesia educational program administrators nominate students who actively and consistently demonstrate leadership qualities and skills. Below is a firsthand account of the 2012-2013 student representative to the AANA Public Relations Committee, Elizabeth Broome, RN. Elizabeth participated as a mentee in this year’s Student Mentoring Program.
I attended Mid-Year Assembly for the first time this year and also had the opportunity to participate in the AANA Public Relations Committee’s Student Mentoring Program. I found it to be a very valuable learning experience, different from anything I have learned in didactic or clinicals.
We began on Sunday evening by meeting our leadership mentor during a wine-and-cheese reception. This was a great opportunity to meet my mentor, Angela Mund, CRNA, DNP, and the other students and mentors. The next day was designated for us to shadow our leadership mentor, and I met many important and influential leaders in the profession through Dr. Mund. During the Meet the Candidates session on Monday morning, she took the time to introduce me to each candidate running for a position on the AANA Board of Directors.
I spent the rest of the day attending sessions that she would normally attend, including the Federal Political Directors luncheon. Throughout the day, she expanded on her story of leadership development, both on a state and national level.
We finished up on Monday afternoon with a wrap-up session led by the Public Relations Committee. By the end of the day, I felt motivated to remain involved in the AANA, as well as to get more involved in the state in which I end up practicing.
I am grateful to Dr. Mund for taking time out of her busy schedule to help shape a future leader in the profession and for having this opportunity to meet such influential leaders in nurse anesthesia. I would encourage program directors to identify student leaders that they would like to nominate for this mentoring program. Students interested should approach their program directors about being nominated.
Elizabeth Broome, RN, is a student at the Department of Nurse Anesthesia, Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing, Samford University, Birmingham, Ala.

Public Relations Committee Chair Heather Rankin, CRNA, MSN, is pictured with her
student mentee Christopher Turner, RN, from the University of Southern Mississippi
Nurse Anesthesia Program. Each SRNA in the Student Mentoring Program received
 a puzzle piece pin, reinforcing that they are an “essential piece of the puzzle” for the AANA.

Keith Macksoud, CRNA, MA, is pictured with his student mentee, 
Clyde Casimiro, RN, from New Britain School of Nurse Anesthesia.