Diversity CRNA Information Session and Airway Simulation Lab

University of Pittsburgh Nurse Anesthesia Program

Guest Speaker Wanda Wilson, CRNA, PhD

October 8-9, 2011, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist Panel

From right to left: James Lewis, Excela Health System; Tom Gianniaccini, University of Maryland; Diane Dy, Villanova University; Punam Patel, University of Pittsburgh; Malinda Miller, University of Pittsburgh; Nkam Mongwa, Drexel University; Kimberly Andrews, St. Elizabeth School, Ohio; Darolyn Millburn, Villanova University; Chris Scott, Villanova University; Sione Manuatu, Thomas Jefferson University; John Mallery, La Roche College; Anthony Chikendu, Excela Health System; and Helen Fremichael, Virginia Commonwealth University.


AANA Executive Director Wanda Wilson, CRNA, PhD; John Bing, CRNA; Student Moderator James Lewis.


Wanda Wilson, CRNA, PhD; Bette Wildgust, CRNA, MS, Villanova University; John O’Donnell, CRNA, DrPH, University of Pittsburgh; Wallena Gould, CRNA, MSN, founder, Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program (DNAMP); and Lew Bennet, CRNA, MS, Drexel University.


Rajaee Black, BSN, CCRN, Md.; Ben Alvarez, PhD, N.Y.; James Pugh, BSN, CCRN, Md.; Anner Perez, BSN, Texas; and nurse anesthesia student Tom Gianniaccini.


Rajaee Black, BSN, CCRN; nurse anesthesia student James Lewis; and Wakiya Berry, BSN, CCRN, N.C.


Lukeythia Bastardi, CRNA, DNP, graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University Nurse Anesthesia Program; and nurse anesthesia student Darolyn Milburn.


Nurse anesthesia student Chris Saxey, University of Pittsburgh, reviewing the trach insertion/cricoidectomy.


Nurse anesthesia student Shannon Barr, University of Pittsburgh, reviewing oral intubation with Amy Patrick, BSN, CCRN, N.C.


Ben Alvarez, PhD, and Chris Saxey at the cricoidectomy station.


Chris Giberson, CRNA, MSN, graduate of Thomas Jefferson University Nurse Anesthesia Program, reviews how to ventilate a mannequin with student Lilian Quintero, accepted to Drexel University Nurse Anesthesia Program.


Richard Henker, CRNA, PhD, reviews fiberoptic intubation with nurse anesthesia student Adrienne Ruzicka.


Student Tahirah Marks, accepted into University of Pittsburgh Nurse Anesthesia Program, intubates a mannequin with Shannon Barr.


Nurse anesthesia student Beaonica Snead, BSN, Ala; and Cindy Clemente, BSN, CCRN, Md., observing Chris Saxey.



Posted December 14, 2011 


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