AANA Staff Tours the NorthShore Program

NorthShore University
HealthSystem School of Nurse Anesthesia

Evanston, Ill.
May 22, 2013
NorthShore senior students in the simulation lab classroom.
Front row (left to right) Jeffrey Matson and Jessica Starr
Back row (left to right)
Daniel Connolly, Julie Elkin and Emily Szurek
AANA staff members pose for a picture with NorthShore University Nurse Anesthesia Director, Bernadette Roche. (Left to right) Leland Hum​bertson, Armentia Snyder, Tom Anderson, Bernadette Roche, Marlene McDowell, Zachary Timm and Sheryl Leonard
​In simulation sessions, students are filmed and later watch and critique their work.
AANA staff members Sheryl Leonard and Tom Ander​son
watch intently as students administer anesthesia in the simulator.
Director Roche explaining ​how technological
advancements have made the simulation labs more dynamic.
One major advancement is the realness of the
mannequins. If you look closely, you can see white
"misters" that allow the mannequins to expel moisture.
This is the anesthesia machine (and mannequin)
the NorthShore students use during simulations.
Junior students presenting case studies to their classmates.​

Posted June 20, 2013