Prior Approval Application

Prior Approval Application 

This application is for providers who are applying to AANA for prior approval of a continuing education (CE) program, regularly scheduled anesthesia inservice program, or a provider directed independent study program they want to provide at a future date.

Select the directions that apply to the type of program you are offering and review before completing the application.  Click here for associated fees.  These directions are also available in the CE Portal.

CE Program Directions

Inservice Program Directions

Provider Directed Independent Study (PDIS) Program Directions

For more information, please contact:
Ann Carlson, MA
CE Manager 

Credit Entry into CE Portal 

Credit recording from programs that are prior approved by the AANA is the responsibility of the program provider.  Select the directions that apply to the type of program that was provided and review carefully before beginning one of the two credit entry processes available within the CE Portal, which include Import via an Excel file or Manual entry.

CE Provider Responsibilities

Inservice Provider Responsibilities

PDIS Provider Responsibilities 

For more information, please contact:
Judy Bramlett
Administrative Assistant