West Virginia Requires APRN license for CRNAs Beginning July 1, 2013

An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) license is required for practice in West Virginia beginning July 1, 2013.  This license is required to continue or to begin practicing as a CRNA in West Virginia.
CRNAs who have a West Virginia “Announcement of Advanced Practice” and a current certification on file at the West Virginia RN Board office will automatically be issued an APRN license through the "grandfathering clause."  If you meet this criteria, then you do not need to complete an APRN application.
Currently practicing CRNAs who have a West Virginia RN license, but who do not currently have a West Virginia “Announcement of Advanced Practice,” must apply for a West Virginia APRN license. The application for initial licensure as an APRN is available at http://wvrnboard.com/ and must be submitted by June 30, 2013.
If you have any questions please send them via email to Cassy Taylor, CRNA (WVANA APRN Committee, Chair) at cassycrna@yahoo.com, Mike Frame, CRNA (WVANA President) at vaporizr@yahoo.com or directly to the West Virginia RN Board at rnboard@wv.gov. Please reference “APRN license” in the email subject line.