Public Relations Recognition Awards-2010 Entries

Best Overall Public Relations Effort for the Past Year
Winner –  Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists
The Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetist (MoANA)'s objective was to inform Missourians about CRNAs and the high quality of anesthesia services provided to patients, and to do so cost effectively. The newest campaign involved Missourinet. A 30-second radio spot was developed about the credentials and roles of nurse anesthetists. The spot aired statewide over 62 stations. The target was adults (18 years old and older). It was projected to reach 432,300 persons for a total of 827,000 gross impressions. Also on, the MoANA logo banner was on rotation for four weeks in January around Nurse Anesthetists Week. This was projected to produce one million pageviews and 55,000 unique visitors on MoANA owns the radio spot and it has been posted on their website. The spot ran three times this year, and a rise in pageviews to MoANA's website was 40-56 percent.

Best Promotional Effort for National Nurse Anesthetists Week
Winner New York Association of Nurse Anesthetists
The New York Association of Nurse Anesthetists' objectives were to find a way to achieve major ad coverage of New York City during Nurse Anesthetists Week on a nonexistent budget. The association placed digital TV ads on Taxi TV ("in the rear seat of cabs, there are interactive TV screens"). Services were donated, and the ad was placed. "The total number of Taxi screen[s] the ad was viewed on was 6,300; total impressions achieved (people who viewed ad) 913,500. Project cost: $16,443. Our actual cost: $0." The ad was 30 seconds long, and ran from January 25 - January 29, 2010.

Best Public Relations Effort by a Small State Association
(to be awarded to an individual, organization, or state association)
Winner – Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists
The Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MeANA) implemented its public relations efforts with a renewed theme: "CRNAs working for your community." Their objectives were to increase involvement of new members, to reach out to individuals in need both within the state and the "greater community of humanity." They also wanted to demonstrate their compassion, dedication, knowledge and willingness to serve others in their state, to attract nurses to the nurse anesthesia profession, to demonstrate nurse anesthetists' leadership role in their community, to advocate for greater public awareness of the role of nurse anesthetists, and their vital role as a member of the healthcare team. MeANA wanted to be as cost effective as possible, and improve their public relations display table with newer advertising materials as well as provide new items for sale at the table and at state meetings.
The dissemination of the public relations efforts included a newspaper ad with a featured photo that ran in the Lewiston Sun Journal, one of the major state newspapers; various articles were written and published free of charge in newspapers across the state; a special weekend supplement in the largest newspaper in Maine describing careers featured the career of nurse anesthetists through the eyes of one of the state's nurse anesthesia students at the University of New England. In addition, this article was given to the University of New England for distribution in their university newspaper and website. Nurse Anesthetists Week was formally proclaimed by the governor of Maine. During Nurse Anesthetists Week, a student nurse anesthetist gave a TV interview describing her mission trip to the Galapagos Islands. The final activity was a speaker presentation and community breakfast at Eastern Main Medical Center, the second largest hospital in Maine.
AANA wishes to thank the other entrants for participating in the Public Relations Recognition Awards competition.
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