Public Relations Recognition Awards - 2013 Entries

Best Overall Public Relations Effort for the Past Year, to be Awarded to an Individual, Organization, or State Association

Winner - Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists

The Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists' (MoANA) project centered around its phone and tablet application, Ever Had Gas?, that was developed and introduced last year. The free app is patient-centered and the goal is twofold: first, to teach patients about anesthesia, and second, to inform them about CRNAs.
MoANA continually edits and maintains the app and has added new sections. Since its introduction, it has been updated for ios 6, and now has versions compatible with iPad and Android devices. MoANA promoted the app to patients and colleagues at conferences and meetings by handing out business cards with the app's QR code and description on it. They also wrote and submitted a press release to app review sites/blogs and TV stations, created a video demonstration, and wrote several articles about the app and posted them on, Facebook/Twitter accounts, emails to members, and in their Airway publications.
The app, which has been downloaded more than 2,000 times and is used in more than 100 countries, has exceeded all expectations. MoANA's app has helped educate patients in Missouri and beyond about the importance of anesthesia, all the while promoting nurse anesthesia practice.
MoANA also updated communication with its members by emailing signup sheets via email for important events, and created a contest offering a free night's stay near the site of Missouri's Lobbying Day, which was rewarded to the member with the best public relations effort. In turn, there has been greater member response, and the Missouri Lobby Day had 10-15 percent of the Missouri CRNA population attend.
Best Public Relations Effort by a Small State Association

None Entered

Best Promotional Effort for National Nurse Anesthetists Week, to be Awarded to an Individual, Organization, or State Association

Winner - Misty Jones-Doss, CRNA

Misty Jones-Doss, a member of the Kentucky Association of Nurse Anesthetists (KyANA), orchestrated a National Nurse Anesthetists Week food drive for the Louisville area. With the help of her family, friends, and fellow Kentucky CRNAs, Jones-Doss handed out KyANA bags to be filled with food along with CRNA informational fliers to more than 500 households in her neighborhood. Jones-Doss also promoted the food drive to her children's school, Vanguard Academy, rewarding the class that collected the most goods with a pizza party, and placed a food drive box at the local clubhouse at the YMCA. In total, more than 1,000 pounds of food was donated to the Dare to Care Food Bank in Louisville, Ky., helping more than 1,000 needy Louisville residents.
Misty Jones-Doss delivering KyANA bags full of groceries.

Children helping with the food drive.

Winner - Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists

On Jan. 23, 2013, TANA CRNAs and SRNAs celebrated National Nurse Anesthetists Week at the Texas State Capitol. Senator Jane Nelson and Representative Susan King each sponsored a resolution which were read in the Texas Senate and House honoring CRNAs throughout the state. King also sponsored an educational display created by TANA that was housed in the State Capitol for the entirety of National Nurse Anesthetists Week.
Three buses were needed to transport more than 85 TANA CRNAs and SRNAs to Austin, making it the largest turnout for a CRNA Day in the state. While on the bus, participants learned the finer points of lobbying, talking points on the anesthesiologist assistants licensing bill, and a step-by-step guide on visiting the capitol to meet with legislative aides.
Once at the capitol, members chatted with legislators and got an up-close view of day-to-day life at the capitol. Legislators and their staffs were given a packet of information regarding the practice of nurse anesthesia and a postcard with an attached "digi clean" TANA logo screen cleaner. The returning bus ride gave members a chance to network, have their questions answered, discuss talking points, and reflect on their legislative visits.
Because Texas is home to 240 counties, and a majority of them are served only by CRNAs, educating Texas legislators and their staff on the importance of CRNAs is no small task. With such a large TANA turnout, legislators were able to see the committment and passion these members have for the nurse anesthesia profession firsthand.

 TANA members at the 2013 CRNA Lobbying Day.

Best Public Relations Effort by an Individual, Small Group, Organization, or Company Not Affiliated with a State Association

Winner - Medical University of South Carolina, Anesthesia for Nurses Program, Class of 2014

The Medical University of South Carolia, Anesthesia for Nurses Program, Class of 2014's global objectives were to promote nurse anesthesia, educate others about the profession, encourage interdisciplinary relationships, and promote involvement in the community. Over the past year,the Class of 2014 completed a number of different projects to accomplish these goals.

1. Jenkins Orphanage Food Drive - Nov. 21, 2012
The Class of 2014 initiated a campus-wide canned-food drive for the Jenkins Orphanage as a Thanksgiving gift to the children on behalf of the MUSC Anesthesia for Nurses Program. The objective of this campaign was not only to provide aid to an organization that relies so heavily on gifts and donations to feed and house local Charleston orphans, but also to show the nurse anesthesia profession’s compassion and care by giving back to the community.

2. Ernest E. Just Symposium - Feb. 22, 2013
Undergraduate students and their advisors from across South Carolina were sponsored to come to MUSC to participate in the day-long symposium. The morning sessions included speakers and presentations on the life of Dr. Just as well as career development. The afternoon sessions allowed the visiting undergraduate students to attend breakout sessions and network with representatives from their college of interest. SRNAs from the Class of 2014 gave a presentation about nurse anesthesia as a profession and what it takes to become a CRNA. The visiting students also watched a demonstration and interacted with the simulator in hopes of successfully portraying the job tasks and skills that encompass the CRNA profession.
3. High School Presentation - Feb. 27, 2013
The Class of 2014 spoke to a local high school on the importance of CRNAs. As many of the SRNAs themselves were not aware of the nurse anesthesia profession in high school, they felt high school students, and in particular those interested in the health sciences, should be targeted and informed. Speaking to these students provided the community with knowledge of the profession and revealed more options for these students as they look at possible career choices, all the while showing them that the nurse anesthesia profession cares about them and their future. It also invigorated the SRNA class with an invaluable experience and the desire to educate the public about this great vocation.
4. Open House and Ice Cream Social - May 29, 2013
To help other programs at the Medical University of South Carolina better understand who and what CRNAs are, the Class of 2014 planned an open house and ice cream social for the college. The invitation reached all students, faculty, and staff within the College of Health Professions, as well as the College of Nursing. In order to fund the event, the Class of 2014 approached a variety of sponsors for raffle prizes, and the school's Student Government Association purchased the ice cream supplies. The ice cream social was held in the classroom/lab, to maximize exposure to what SRNAs do. As guests entered, they were given a raffle ticket and asked to sign the guest book, a poster of an ice cream cone. They proceeded through the line and could sit or mingle through the classroom where there were different activities going on. There was an area labeled, "Get to Know the Person Behind the Mask." There were photographs of the students with masks. Visitors could lift the mask and learn a fact about CRNAs. In the lab portion of the classroom, students ran a simulation for guests to see firsthand what CRNAs doOther SRNAs floated through the room, welcoming people and answering questions. More than 150 students, faculty, and staff attended helping to foster relationships within the MUSC community.
5. College of Nursing Presentation - June 10, 2013
The class also presented speeches providing valuable information about the nurse anesthesia profession to students enrolled in the College of Nursing Program at MUSC. The class has a passion for educating others about its chosen vocation. They educated these students on the autonomy, expertise, challenges, and rewards of being a CRNA.
6. Area Health Education Consortium Summer Institute - June 12, 2013
The Class of 2014 was invited to conduct breakout sessions at the Area Health Education Consortium Summer Institute. The emphasis of AHEC is placed on encouraging underserved and minority students to pursue healthcare careers. Breakout sessions included educational presentations on nurse anesthesia, hands-on intubation simulation, demonstration of spinal/epidural technique, and ended with a question-and-answer period.
7. American Red Cross Blood Drive - July 17, 2013
The Class of 2014 also co-sponsored an American Red Cross Blood Drive on the MUSC campus with students from the College of Nursing. The blood drive assisted the American Red Cross obtain life-saving blood products, while fostering an interprofessional relationship with the College of Nursing, and bringing attention to the nurse anesthesia profession by showing that MUSC SRNAs care about the well-being of their community.
AANA wishes to thank the other entrants for participating in the
Public Relations Recognition Awards competition
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