Award of Appreciation, 1960

Cameron W. Meredith, PhD

 Cameron Meredith, pictured with his wife Betty, accepts the 1960 Award of Appreciation.
Breaking a twenty-nine year precedent, the members who attended the annual meeting in San Francisco selected the first non-anesthetist honorary life member of the association. He was Cameron W. Meredith, Professor of Psychology, Southern Branch, University of Illinois, Alton, who was honored upon completion of his tenth year as Educational Advisor to the Association. Selected by the Board of Trustees as the recipient of the Award of Appreciation for 1960, Dr. Meredith was unaware of the honors that were to be bestowed upon him, when he participated in the Assembly of School Directors program and prepared for the presentation of a paper on Thursday, August 1.
A plaque commemorating the tenth anniversary of his work with the Association was presented to Dr. Meredith by Miss Olive Berger, outgoing President of the AANA. Advance copies of the September NewsBulletin in which the story of the Meredith family was told were mailed to San Francisco in time to be presented to the Merediths during the Wednesday evening ceremonies. In addition to the plaque and the life membership card, Dr. Meredith also received a purse from the association, and he and his wife received photograph albums in which pictorial records of the event could be kept.
An arm bouquet of roses was presented to Mrs. Meredith, who helped keep the secret of the award. Following the San Francisco meeting, Dr. Meredith and Mrs. Meredith flew to Hawaii, where they both participated in the Hawaii Workshop. Dr. Meredith also visited the school of anesthesia at Queens Hospital, Honolulu.
Raymond N. Law, Educational Director, University of Oregon, who presented a paper at the annual meeting, and Mrs. Lowe joined in the honors to Dr. Meredith. Dr. Lowe was one of the original educational advisors to the association.
Source: AANA NewsBulletin. 1960;14(6):1,64.