Award of Appreciation, 1956

Helen Lamb and Lucy E. Richards

 Lucy Richards (left) and Helen Lamb (right), accompanied by President Minnie Haas, 
display their life membership cards and Awards of Appreciation. 
Two charter members who have each devoted 25 years of service to the AANA were presented with silver framed Awards of Appreciation. Miss Lucy Richards, Lutheran Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, who has served continuously on committees and as past president, and as ardent proponent of the Association’s programs, and Mrs. Helen Lamb Powell, formerly director of the school of anesthesia, Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, who has also served continuously on committees, as past president, and on the educational programs of the Association, were honored at the Wednesday night Jubilee Banquet.
Guests of the Association during the convention, Mrs. Powell and Miss Richards were notified that they were to receive the awards. Unknown to them, however, was the action of the members during the business session on Tuesday, September 18, when the membership unanimously voted to grant its highest symbol of appreciation – Honorary Life Membership. Presentation of silver Life Membership Cards to the two recipients came as a complete surprise to them.
Source: AANA NewsBulletin. 1956;10(4):3