Award of Appreciation, 1950

Gertrude L. Fife

 Myra Van Arsdale (left) presents the 1950 Award of Appreciation to Gertrude Fife.
At the annual banquet in Atlantic City, on September 20, Gertrude L. Fife of Cleveland will receive the Annual Award of Appreciation for her many years of outstanding service to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. Mrs. Fife has served as the Association's treasurer since 1935 and was also the Association's second president and first editor. She is a graduate of the Fanny Allen Hospital School of Nursing, Winooski, Vt., and the Lakeside Hospital School of Anesthesia, Cleveland. From 1934 to 1947 she was director of the University Hospitals School of Anesthesia in Cleveland. She has been described by the American Journal of Nursing as "the most widely known nurse anesthetist in this country."
Source: Journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. 1950;18(3):198.