Award of Appreciation, 1949

University Hospitals of Cleveland​

Myra Van Arsdale presents the 1948 Award of Appreciation to Carl Lenhart, accepting for University Hospitals of Cleveland.

At the annual banquet on September 28, Dr. Carl H. Lenhart, professor of surgery, Western Reserve University, received the AANA Award of Appreciation in the name of University Hospitals of Cleveland. In presenting the plaque, Myra Van Arsdale, president, said:
"There are very few persons in this hall tonight to whom the name ‘Lakeside’ does not have some sort of special meaning. To many ‘Lakeside’ brings to mind an influence in the affairs of the Association. To some the first free association is one of recalled despair and a whispered question, ‘How did I ever live though it?’ Others of you will think of names of people – Crile, Hodgins, Cutler, Lenhart. But whether it is a first or a final thought, the name "Lakeside" tends to have a symbolic significance in the lives of nurse anesthetists. Sooner or later to anesthetists all thoughts about Lakeside come to focus on its school of anesthesia. And contrariwise, any consideration of the education of nurse anesthetists and schools of anesthesia seems incomplete unless Lakeside is mentioned.
"A number of factors combine to give Lakeside it symbolic significance. There are intangibles, the personalities of Dr. George Crile and Agatha Hodgins, who over the years have become almost legendary figures. There is the historical fact that Lakeside was the first formal school for the training of nurse anesthetists in this country. And there is the
immeasurable influence of Lakeside graduates as directors of schools of anesthesia and as practicing anesthetists.
"In many ways, Lakeside’s contribution to and influence on the education of nurse anesthetists has been recognized. But this year, at this Sixteenth Annual Meeting in Cleveland, it seems proper and just that we as an association should acknowledge our debt to Lakeside and the University Hospitals of Cleveland. This evening it is my great pleasure to present the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists’ Award of Appreciation to Dr. Carl H. Lenhart, professor of surgery, of the University Hospitals of Cleveland. Dr. Lenhart, to you and to the directors of the school, the surgeons, and the hospital administrators who made the University Hospitals School of Anesthesia for nurses what is today, we extend our heartfelt thanks."
Source: Journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. 1949;14(4):334.